S Gurumurthy is a True Gandhian

Kerala floods have washed up more than the debris and garbage you normally expect. It has revealed S Gurumurthy to be a true Gandhian.

Here’s a tweet of his that Gandhi would have approved of.

You see, Gandhi visited Bihar after the  8.4 magnitude earthquake of January 15, 1934 in which 30,000 people died. After due deliberation he declared that it was divine retribution for the sins of Indians. What a man!

That’s why I think Gurumurthy is a true Gandhian.

For your edification, here’s a post I wrote in 2010 on “Blaming People for Natural Disasters“.

Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “S Gurumurthy is a True Gandhian”

  1. I am a Gandhian of sorts. We do not want Gandhians of Gurumurthy kind as I never heard of this gentleman. I think god is indicating that if you delay the entry of woman, Dalits, Muslims, Christians etc. who are his creation, next time the whole thing will be washed out. This is a warning. A reminder to religious retards what god is capable. He has tolerated you so far, but times have changed, the time is ripe you straighten out. On the other hand, a god on a hill is a sham.


    1. So Mr Rao your claim is god is some idiot who watches what people are doing and then wreaks climatic damage that kills innocents? That god has a lower sense of morality than the average, flawed human. That’s seriously pathetic. How can any reasonable human believe in such a pathetic “god”?


    2. Gandhi was a sad human. Authoritarian, racist, casteist, sexist, opportunist. He thought that skin color determines worth. I am really curious to know in what sense of those terms you are a “Gandhian of sorts.” What do you find so worthy of emulating Gandhi? That he hated equality and had contempt for women? That he thought that Africans were inferior? That his god discriminated among people of different skin colors? What?


      1. Here a religious person is trying to connect natural disasters to act of god and to court decisions. I was trying to address it in his own language.

        I am an admirer of Mohandas Gandhi. That is what I meant by a Gandhian.


  2. I plan to send a petition to California governor that the recurring wildfires are a result of some sin committed by Californians and will request him to create a plan for atonement of that sin.


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