The UFO I Did Not See


OK so this one’s going to be right out of left field, to use an American expression. Its got nothing to do with economics or politics or whatever I usually discuss on this site. It’s strange, totally unexpected, utterly peculiar. And I did not see it coming. Had I been able to see it, it would not have been as mystifying. I would have noticed something moving slowly across the sky but I could not have noticed something that flashed across the sky.  This is what happened yesterday (Wednesday) morning.It was close to half past nine in the morning. It had been raining and the sky was overcast. I was getting home after dropping off a friend at Philadelphia International.

Let me give you the back story. Yesterday morning as I was driving to pick up my friend around 7:30 AM to take him to the airport, at one point on the road I stopped because a school bus had stopped and turned on its warning lights. As is the rule, a stopped school bus with flashing lights means all traffic has to stop. I did. And my dash cam captured the traffic pattern — all traffic in both directions stopped as the kids got on the bus. Every driver followed the rule and I took delight in it.

It was a nice demonstration of a sensible rule that only rich countries can afford to have. In poor countries, the kids have to dodge traffic and some are not successful. Darwinian selection working as expected.

I wanted to review that bit of the dash cam footage. So I ended up watching some other bits of the dash cam videos. That’s when I noticed something that I had missed. I couldn’t have noticed it when it happened: it lasted a second. That’s too short a time when you are paying attention to the road and also singing along to a favorite song. Ragpicker’s Dream by Mark Knofler, if you care to know.

It’s easy to miss even on the video. See for yourself.

It’s there around the 0:48 time stamp of the video — the clock time display shows 9:24:30.

It’s a genuine, honest to goodness UFO. Alien craft? Not necessarily. UFOs don’t have to be alien. It’s just a flying object that cannot be identified. Perhaps the USAF can but I cannot. Perhaps I should send the footage to the USAF. What says you?

(Please note that strictly speaking, it wasn’t a UFO from my perspective because I did not see it at all. And the first necessary condition for claiming something is an UFO is to see it. I didn’t see it at all. Therefore I can’t say that I couldn’t identify it.)

Author: Atanu Dey


16 thoughts on “The UFO I Did Not See”

    1. It could not be a drone. The object image is small and fast. Those are incompatible features of any object caught on a low resolution camera. A small and fast object is a bullet — the dash cam could not capture it.

      It is so easy to miss when it happened. It is only by chance that I noticed it on playback. Normally, the video shorts get written over.


      1. I showed this to my friends, one is a Particle Physicist and the other one is Aircraft Engineer..Both are baffled by this video..I’m sharing this with everyone i know..


    1. Yes, there’s Dover Air Force base. But it cannot be a fighter jet either. Never seen a fighter jet fly that fast, And there’s no sound at all.

      Why can’t it be fighter jet? Because the image is so small, it means it is (1) a small object close by traveling at speed x, or (2) it’s a large object at a distance speeding at multiples of x. Both don’t make sense to me.


    1. You cannot see a meteorite in broad daylight. So no, isn’t a meteorite. Just by sheer chance I saw it on the video — which I normally don’t ever watch because the dash cam is used mainly for the unlikely event that there’s an accident or some interesting sight.


  1. Atanu, I believe you can’t see a meteorite in broad daylight in the sky at a long distance because it is so tiny and any re-entry streak/fireball can’t be seen in broad daylight. But if you are much closer to it, like close enough to see where it is going to impact, you might see the object. The ufo in your video didn’t look that far away to me: a bit beyond the third light pole up ahead? If not for the speed, I’d say it was a bird as I sense a slight ‘fluttering’ motion and a slightly non linear path. Did you post elsewhere (like reddit) and get any guesses?


    1. Vrooh, it couldn’t be a bird. Too fast for that. The slight non-linear path makes it more intriguing. I have not posted it anywhere except on my blog. I will check a proper reddit subgroup and post a link there. Thanks.


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