The Human Freedom Index 2017

The human freedom index — A Global Measurement of Personal, Civil and Economic Freedom — of 2017 is out. There’s India near the bottom of the list. Indians are not free — but that’s not news, is it? For a couple of centuries at least, Indians have not been free. This fact goes a long way in explaining why Indians are not prosperous.

Click on the image to get the details. Here’s a short video below the fold that’s of interest.

John Stossel asks “how free is America?” The US ranks at the 17th place. Sad but not catastrophic.

India ranks 102 out of 159 countries. In the 2016 HFI, India had ranked 87 out of 159. That means under Mr Modi’s dispensation, India descended 15 places on that list. Dismal does not come close to describing how pathetic that is. Thanks to the current goings-on in India, it is likely to slip further down the list in next year’s report. The NDA government led by Mr Modi will ensure that. Stossel refers to India in this video.

Author: Atanu Dey


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    1. Akshar, precisely so. All these Western standards are meant to show India in a poor light. The Dharmic Freedom index will demonstrate that Indians are the freest in the world, and that it is also the most materially prosperous. The Western hegemony must be destroyed, root and branch. Down with Western imperialism!


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