Open Thread: Changes to the Blog

The Typewriter Monkey Brigade The typewriter monkeys in the basement have been slacking off too much. But the riot act has been read out to them. It seems that their pace will likely pick up — and if it doesn’t, they will be fired. However they need to be paid. So if you wish to help out with the bananas and peanuts the monkeys relish, you could mail them in. But it may be easier for you to just click on the shiny new “Donate” button (conveniently placed on the right hand side column) and I will buy the provisions. OK?

Alright. Now if you have anything on your mind, please feel free to say it in the comments. Bouquets, brickbats, kudos and criticisms welcome.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Open Thread: Changes to the Blog”

  1. When you’d last changed the look of this blog, the recent comments section stopped working – you click on a comment and instead of taking you to that comment, it just loads the post on which that comment was made.

    I’d pointed this out to you at that time too, and the comments section is still the same. Using Firefox.


  2. Can you share you thoughts, or if you have the time (but of course those typewriter monkeys have to be kept busy), your analysis on the relationship between automation and employment. The consequences and potential disruption (or lack) it may bring about.


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