Of 100 CEOs Surveyed, 7 Admitted to being Idiots

Modi An article in today’s Economic Times, “India Inc welcomes Narendra Modi’s nomination as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate” reveals a curious detail:

The positive response to a Modi candidacy had been clearly anticipated in last week’s ET Confidence Survey of 100 leading CEOs. Almost three-fourths of those polled said they wanted Modi to be India’s next prime minister, reflecting Corporate India’s wish for a strong and decisive leader. In contrast, Rahul Gandhi got the backing of just 7%.

Those seven CEOs who prefer Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi are either retarded or are CEOs because of Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi’s patronage (or both.) Raul Vinci has absolutely no qualifications for even being a manager at a McDonalds restaurant, leave alone manage a huge country. People who prefer Raul over Narendrabhai Modi are the kind that cannot distinguish between chalk and cheese.

I want to know who these idiot CEOs are so that I can short their companies’ stocks.

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Of 100 CEOs Surveyed, 7 Admitted to being Idiots”

  1. So did Ratan Tata personally harass you, or do you think he runs each and every aspect of his company by himself? Why don’t you name the actual officials whom you dealt with, rather than taking the easy way out of blaming the CEO?

    Giant companies always have a disconnect between the values of the founder and the rank and file employees. It happens as companies grow beyond the capability of a founder to micromanage every aspect, as soon as they start delegating work. Modern India worships Narayanamurthy, but Infosys is a lousy place to work for according to many current and former employees. Blame middle management for the mess, otherwise try and name any large Indian company that has exemplary customer service.

    If things are really that bad, try to contact Tata directly and if he refuses to address your problem, then your rant is justified.


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