Narendra Modi’s Fitting Reply on Imported Leaders and Imported Laws

Even a cursory look at the main stream media gives me the impression that Narendra Modi is the cause of immense heartburn among journalists and commentators. These worthies kowtow, scrape and bow, spinelessly genuflect and grovel in the presence of politicians. The rule I use to figure out how corrupt a politician is this: note how low the journalists bend.

But when it comes to Modi, their hackles rise. He’s incorruptible and they don’t bend. They become combative and confrontational. They raise poisoning the well to a fine art with their accusations against Modi. The great thing is how Modi responds to them so effortlessly. The man’s responses are devastating but I am not sure that his interlocutors quite get it. If they had been that smart, they would have known not to poke the lion. Here’s a “for example” for you.

For the benefit of those who don’t follow Hindi, I asked my friend Amit Malviya to help me with an English translation of the above video.

Navika: On the Godhra issue – But there have been comments that have come from senior leaders of the Congress saying that you should be actually hanged for what happened in Gujarat in 2002.

Narendra Modi: Congress spokesperson has said that if Modi was in any other country he would have been hanged. In a way this is Congress party’s authorized statement since their spokesperson has said it, which means it is Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s statement.

I am not surprised with this statement of Congress because those who import leaders from outside now also want to import law from outside.

Second thing is when they make such a statement, they make a grave allegation against the judicial process of India. They should understand that by making such a statement they have expressed lack of confidence in the Indian judicial process and it is not expected of a party like Congress.

Thirdly, They say if there were foreigners they would have hanged me. When we were fighting for independence, all the foreign judges used to sit here and our freedom fighters have been hanged to death then too and if it happens again then it doesn’t bother me.

And third point, May be they (Congress) think there is a law in Itlay which can hang me. I would like to request the Congress party that if it is their intention then let them put me on trial in Itlay and hang me. But I have a request to the Govt of the day that even if I am hanged, the process of hanging should happen in India because I want that in my last breath there should be fragrance of sweat of 100cr Indians.

Which brings me to one thing that puzzles me no end: how on earth does one compare Modi with Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi? Surely it is silly to compare a Lion from the Gir forest with a half-Italian rodent.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Perfect article sir. Very good analysis and quite befitting. There is, however, a small typographical error, “I would like to request the Congress party that if it is their intention then let them put me on trial in Itlay and hang me.”


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