Kanchan Gupta on “Narendra Modi’s Gujarat Model”

In a hard-hitting piece on NitiCentral.com, Kanchan Gupta responds to a hatchet job that someone called Lyla Bavadam did for Frontline, a sister publication of the misnamed “The Hindu” newspaper.

Kanchan notes that the world recognizes the ‘Gujarat Story’

. . . as one of remarkable economic achievement coupled with social development over the past decade. Hard-nosed investors and cynical industrialists acknowledge the rapid turnaround witnessed by this State on account of radical policy initiatives and their implementation by the Modi Government. Yesterday’s global economic power houses fallen upon bad times today are making a beeline for Gujarat to try and hitch their fortunes to those of this State in the hope that it would lead to a miraculous recovery for them.

All this and more is there for all to see but our blinkered Left-liberal media, controlled by an overweening commentariat dependent on crumbs from the high table of a status quoist and thoroughly corrupt New Delhi Establishment, will just not take note of facts as they exist. Instead, newspapers, journals and news channels continue to peddle fiction that is of a piece with their jaundiced perception of reality. It is a command performance – the morally bankrupt Pied Piper of New Delhi leads; the intellectually bankrupt intelligentsia which dominates the Left-liberal media follows.

Kanchan’s piece is an elegant response to a poorly written, illogically argued, blatantly partisan piece of trash. Not being a respected journalist like Kanchan Gupta, I am unconstrained by niceties and have the freedom to baldly state that Lyla Bavadam is a brain-dead retard. Evidence: her piece titled “Mirage of Development.”

Let me take just one out of numerous examples of idiocy. At one point she displays a table that lists states ordered with decreasing child mortality. Gujarat appears at the bottom of that short list. She’s so stupid as to not understand that the lower in that list that a state is, the better it is. She’s an innumerate.

The hatred for Modi has reached pathological proportions among the Congress chaprasis and they are clearly deranged. I think it is a good development because their insanity reveals their impotence.

There’s hope for India.

Author: Atanu Dey


3 thoughts on “Kanchan Gupta on “Narendra Modi’s Gujarat Model””

    1. The overall sex ratio at the national level in 2011 is around 940. The states listed on that table are amongst the worst performing on that parameter. Good sex ratio is deemed to be >950. Only consolation is that Gujarat is the best performing of the worst ones on that parameter.


  1. There are hundreds and thousands of Lyla Bavadams in the development economics fraternity, jholawallas, NGOs, and intelligentsia (if it can be called that). She is against private enterprise based upon her article. Even if one were to grant her the points about more work needed in Gujarat, her proclivity towards socialist policies and against private enterprise is wrong-headed. There are private market solutions to the problems raised by her, which would work better.

    Since there are so many of them, its better to take them on together. There’s a nice article by Mr Saxena in Indian Express on the great risk of these people:

    Edit: Actually, I’m confused now since Saxena is part of NAC which itself is guilty of what he says. That’s odd!


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