Earthquake in Mexico

The USGS reports (details) that the earthquake was 7.6 in Oaxaca region of Mexico. I was in a meeting at the Instituto Thomas Jefferson in Mexico City.

I recognized the rolling motion as an earthquake immediately. The laptop was open and connected (as I was multi-tasking at the meeting), and I tweeted that we were having an earthquake.

Ricardo ushered the others out and then came to drag me out of the room. (He’s the one at the front of the room in this picture.)

The whole school was evacuated and assembled in the front yard.

Jeanene addressing the assembled school. She spoke in Spanish and I have no idea what she said.

We are now back inside. There are some aftershocks but nothing to write home about.

I have been through tons of earthquakes in California. The most intense was the Loma Prieta of 1989. It was on the San Andreas Fault which runs through the San Francisco Bay area. San Andreas is one of many faults in that region. Berkeley sits on the Hayward Fault.

On October 17th, 1989, I was at a technology trade show at the Exposition Center in San Jose when the building started violently shaking. Even today I can vividly recall the scene in my mind’s eye. This one will be memorable too.

Author: Atanu Dey


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