Debate on Huffington Post: Is Yoga a Hindu Practice?

Yoga is a friend of mine whose full name is Yoganand. He’s a Hindu and I have yet to meet a non-Hindu named Yoganand, or even Yoga or Anand. Not conclusive proof that Yoga is a Hindu practice but it does lend some support to the claim that yoga is a Hindu (and the religions related to it, Buddhism and Jainism) practice. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which shares the same root as the English verb “yoke” — to join. Yoga aims to join a consciousness with the Consciousness. Anyway, go check out the debate on Huffington Post. You will first have to vote on what you position is on the question, then read the debate and cast your vote again. They want to see how many minds are changed as a result of the debate. (Note that the “before” and “after” numbers don’t really tell you how many people actually changed their minds. See below.)

[Argument why those numbers are hard to interpret. Suppose the before and after votes in a poll with only two people stand at 1 for and 1 against. It could mean either of two things: One, that neither of them changed their minds; or two, that both changed their minds. But if you were to keep track of how each voted before and note if a change of mind was involved, then it would be more informative. I am a professional nitpicker.]

One thought on “Debate on Huffington Post: Is Yoga a Hindu Practice?

  1. bragoonanan Friday March 16, 2012 / 3:44 am

    Yoga is of the nature of Sanathana Dharma that joins every thought, word and deed to God as conscience. It simply means that conscience must be the overiding principle in thought, word and deed to make every act a devotion to God as the highest order in the divine play of life.


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