On the Global Influence of Hindutva & the Long Hand of the RSS

Mr Digvijaya Singh, the general secretary of the Congress Party, sees conspiracy everywhere. What’s more, as he puts it, “the RSS hand cannot be ruled out.” I too have started noticing how big RSS’s hands are. Remember that kid in the movie The Sixth Sense, how he whispered, “I see dead people”? I can imagine Mr Digvijaya Singh saying in a whisper, “I see the RSS hand.” Here are two instances where I see the RSS hand.

At the CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research headquarters they have a huge Nataraja. (Hat tip: @geffbeck)

Did you know that CERN had the world’s first-ever web server? Wonder if the RSS had a hand in that. Can’t rule it out, can you Mr Diggy Singh?

Moving on, the Science and Non-Duality Conference is on October 24-29th, 2012 in San Rafael, California. Their logo is

Clearly SAND is not a secular organization. It is tainted by Hindutva. O the horror!

Seriously though, it makes sense for the Nataraja to be there at the CERN HQ. Shiva as the King of Dancers (nat=dance, raja=king) dances the universe into existence and dances it out of existence. It is a dance of creative destruction. See this for a beautiful exegesis of Tandava, the Great Cosmic Dance of Shiva as the Nataraja.

Carl Sagan’s COSMOS (the PBS TV series which inspired millions to study science) has a nice bit about the Hindu idea of the universe and on the Nataraja. Here’s a short excerpt from that.

Sagan talks about the “Day of Brahma”. (See this for a more accurate number.) Here’s Carl talking about “billions and billions”.

Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite number of deaths and rebirths.

It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, no doubt by accident, to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the earth or the sun and about half of the time since the big bang. And there are much longer time scales still.

There is the deep and appealing notion that the universe is but the dream of the god who after a 100 Brahma years dissolves himself into a dreamless sleep and the universe dissolves with him, until after another Brahma century he recomposes himself and begins again to dream the great cosmic lotus dream. Meanwhile elsewhere there are an infinite number of other universes each with its own god dreaming the cosmic dream…

It makes me proud to think that my ancestors were bright enough to have conceived such ideas as are found in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist philosophy. Indians have much to learn about science and technology from the West but the West has even more to learn from the dharmic philosophies.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Mr Digvijaya Singh is a miserable turd whose abhorrent brown-nosing of the “minorities” is truly puke-worthy.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “On the Global Influence of Hindutva & the Long Hand of the RSS”

  1. //Indians have much to learn about science and technology from the West but the West has even more to learn from the dharmic philosophies.//

    Well said. /S


  2. was wondering how such religious symbology in non-religious conferences and institutions did not draw the chest thumping nitwits from their ignorant slumber… i guess if these were indian institutions and conferences held in india “diggy” and his ilk would have found the “phantom hand” quite useful….


  3. Thank you,
    It is refreshing to see Nataraja at CERN.
    Nataraja Statue symbolizes dance/movement of whole universe & fittingly, it is at CERN.

    It’s good to find that CERN looks at things, not from secular angle, but from scientific angle.

    Inside India, Nataraja is limited to Dance-Schools.
    Whatever happened to Nehru’s ” having the scientific temper”.


  4. There was an obviously enlightened and proud Hindu hand that led to the beautiful 6 foot tall Nataraja statue being placed at CERN. The statue was installed in a small ceremony on June 18th 2004. Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission presented the statue on behalf of the Indian Government.

    Quite obviously, approval and blessing of this unique gift and gesture was signed off under the Vajpayee government. 6 foot tall Natarajas don’t happen overnight (unless it is a day of Brahma?) and transporting the impressive work of art to Geneva must have happened a few moons prior. Vajpayee and the BJP relinquished power on 22nd May 2004, 27 days before the formal ceremony. Mrs. Maino was busy setting up shop and the Mango Man was too busy brown-nosing to notice, let alone reverse the decision.


  5. Wow! WOW!
    Thanks Atanu to bring it to my notice.
    The nature of universe at sub atomic particle level is well explained by UC Berkley Physicist Fritzof Capra in his famous book “Tao Of Physics” where he used parallels of eastern (including Upanishads and dance of Nataraj) and western understanding.


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