3 thoughts on “Off to Chicago Tonight

  1. Anonymous Wednesday November 23, 2011 / 9:54 am

    Happy Journey , Atanu …
    Have a splendid time ahead.


  2. Abhijat Mitra Sunday November 27, 2011 / 9:02 am

    Hi Atanu

    While i have broadly supported your philosophy, am still not convinced that the NDA lot would be a lot better than the current UPA.

    While the UPA is quite corrupt – your assertion that the country would be better under NDA, is probably not valid.

    Cases in point :
    1. The BJP is publicly opposing FDI in retail – a move that i believe is broadly reform-oriented and will benefit the country in the long run. One would have been happy if the BJP supported it whole-heartedly showing a distinctly bi-partisan attitude in national interest.

    2. The BJP has been playing spoilsport in implementation of the GST – again one of the few reform moves from the UPA.

    If on national issues which will benefit the country, the BJP is being obscurantist, then they are as big hypocrites.

    One individual (Narendra Modi) does not make a party. One can count equally competent individuals in other parties – with Narendra Modi being the best of the lot. But Nitish Kumar, Sheila Dixit are other examples.

    So what leads me to believe that the BJP will do a significantly better job at the center if i vote for them in the next election ?

    My point is not that the current lot is any better – but there are no reasons to believe that the panacea is the NDA. You talk of choosing lesser among two evils. If it is Narendra Modi as PM (the 2002 riots still rankle me), i will vote for BJP but if it is anybody else, the choice is much less clearer.

    I inherently am skeptical of the bachelors in Nagpur (the remote control of the BJP) – much more than i am of Sonia Maino. They are much more clouded in secrecy than her.



  3. kautilya Sunday November 27, 2011 / 9:31 am

    @Abhijat : unfort millions like you have been brainwashed into believing rss as a terror org (thanks to Diggy and his media friends). i think the ‘bachelors’ you are talking about are about the most selfless lot remaining in the nation. their nationalism may not align with yours but if there’s any little hope for us to survive against islam onslaught and may be chinese onslaught in near future, we need those bachelors.

    btw, NaMo who you may probably vote for is an RSS bachelor. and he takes no orders from nagpur.


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