10 thoughts on “Is Advani Merely Senile or . . . ?”

  1. @atanu : what triggered this? missing the context.

    although i have to give, i am not a fan of advani. used to like him when he was a tough, not-too-sensitive, real sardar patelish types. he let bjp down with his trying to go for image makeover..


  2. Atanu,

    Alice in wonderland can explain things about BJP which we otherwise find hard to understand. Arun Shourie had compared BJP top leadership (without naming Advani) with the Red Queen when Jaswant Singh was thrown out of the party for a book he wrote.

    Red Queen’s world is a place where one has to do all the running to keep in the same place. Advani is doing precisely that. All the running just to stay where he is .


  3. Senile or not, he is definitely out of touch with reality. There is a huge difference between his ability and his own impression about it.

    What is surprising is that the other worthies in RSS and BJP have not done or cannot do anything about it. Lack of internal democracy and no voice to the common BJP and RSS members is I think what enables him to stay in place.


    1. Abhiha, we don’t really know what the RSS (and the Sangha Parivar) are thinking regarding the PM candidate. Time will tell. But it may be incorrect to think that they are not involved in some way — for or against the proposition.


  4. I dont personally see anything wrong with Advani if he is secretly harbouring any ambitions to be become the PM of India. He has every right to be a a PM. If a spineless surd can become the Prime Minister, Advani sure can become the PM. I have open hearted enough to accept him as PM. Its a question of how willing and comfortable is the second line of leadership of BJP to see Advani as PM. The important point is not what if he becomes the PM but what vision does he have as a nationalist leader. He is 84, sane and healthy. While other able leaders of BJP may nurture ambitions of becoming PM, I think they are not all out against Advani and neither is Advani a roadblock for able successors. I think he will take the right step if he becomes the PM.

    Both Advani and Vajpayee in the past have clandestinely done favours to congress leaders but I dont think we should be too harsh to them on this account given they are indeed sincere people unlike the congi scumbags.


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