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I have been usually busy of late. I am teaching two courses this Summer at UC Berkeley. They are upper-level undergraduate courses. One is “Econ 171 Economic Development” and the other is “Econ 121 Industrial Organization.” Both very interesting and fascinating but take up a lot of time. I stand and deliver 8 lectures a week! That’s 12 hours of talking!! Even I get tired by the afternoon of Thursday and for once, I have started looking forward to weekends. Anyway, I have not had much time to do any serious work. So here’s a post hauled from the archives which I liked reading. It is from Nov 2007. Let’s see how “Quo Vadis, Pakistan” has held up.

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  1. That’s cool Atanu. I envy the lucky b@@#$$ds who are going through this.

    Now, how do I get your book in Australia? Is there an ebook version?



  2. Nice to know you’re content. 🙂


  3. Great book Atanu. I just finished reading it and I hope my son will be one of those lucky students to attend that lecture. I am surprised why our so called intellectual politicians cant get those simple things straight. I am sure 2014 will turn the things around for us. Congratulations once again 🙂


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