Hypocrisy, thy name is the Indian Establishment

The Chicago jury’s verdict on Tahawwur Rana, accomplice of the Islamic terrorist David Headley, is provoking comment from the Indian establishment. The charge is that the US should have punished Rana for his role in the Pakistani terrorist attack of Nov 2008 on Mumbai. This is more than a little puzzling. The Indian establishment has not punished the one and only of the surviving Islamic terrorists, Ajmal Kasab. If the Indians don’t have the balls to hang Kasab, whose guilt and involvement in the actual crime is beyond doubt, I don’t really see why some jury in Chicago should be required to hang someone who was merely charged with aiding in the crime and the America prosecutors have not been able to convince the jury of his guilt? Why does the Indian establishment demand the US do what it does not do itself? Those who are tut-tutting the Chicago verdict should take a good hard look in the mirror. The Indian Establishment is forever expecting the US to do its dirty job. It demands the US declare Pakistan a terrorist state but never has the guts to do so itself.

Transforming India — The Book

I am pleased to note that my book, “Transforming India” is available. You will have to be the judge of the content. But I hope you will not judge the book by its cover or the quality of the print run. Due to a major snafu, the book comes up short in the quality of the production department. It is a costly mistake and I am partly responsible for not paying attention to that part of the job. Mea culpa. For now, I hope you do grab a copy and read it. (I will soon provide links on how to order it.) (See where to get it below.) With some luck, the second printing of the book will be fine. Thank you and keep in touch.

UPDATE: If you have bought a copy of the book (or ordered it and is in the mail), please let me know. A second printing of the book, with better production values, is in the works and should be ready in 10 days or so. The publisher would be happy to send you a copy of that absolutely free. Thanks and my apologies for the trouble.

You can order the book from the publisher New Horizon Media in Chennai. They will ship it to you within 24 hours.

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