Hypocrisy, thy name is the Indian Establishment

The Chicago jury’s verdict on Tahawwur Rana, accomplice of the Islamic terrorist David Headley, is provoking comment from the Indian establishment. The charge is that the US should have punished Rana for his role in the Pakistani terrorist attack of Nov 2008 on Mumbai. This is more than a little puzzling. The Indian establishment has not punished the one and only of the surviving Islamic terrorists, Ajmal Kasab. If the Indians don’t have the balls to hang Kasab, whose guilt and involvement in the actual crime is beyond doubt, I don’t really see why some jury in Chicago should be required to hang someone who was merely charged with aiding in the crime and the America prosecutors have not been able to convince the jury of his guilt? Why does the Indian establishment demand the US do what it does not do itself? Those who are tut-tutting the Chicago verdict should take a good hard look in the mirror. The Indian Establishment is forever expecting the US to do its dirty job. It demands the US declare Pakistan a terrorist state but never has the guts to do so itself.

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, thy name is the Indian Establishment”

  1. Sir,
    You correctly said , why should america get its hand dirty punishing rana for what they are not concerned with. Infact it is our cup of tea, but we for some illogical reasons pretend to remain as soft state.
    Instead india should take some positive and rigid stance


  2. Is he “Ajmal Kasab” really the culprit. For me its the mind that guides the Hand a bigger culprit. Yes what Kasab did was wrong and what the Indian Gov is doing is again a bigger crime of not sentencing him to either Life or Death. If i was the Judge i would have sentenced him to serve the families who got affected by his bullet. That would actually be the correct Punishment for him. But as of now Indian Judiciary has become a thing of a mock. what i am more surprised is that we Indians do not care about it, we still pay the tax that aides the luxury of Kasab who killed so many people.
    India should correct itself first and then point out others to change.


  3. “i would have sentenced him to serve the families who got affected by his bullet” — If Kasab had any skill, training or education to serve anyone, why was he spraying bullets in a brainwashed haze? I can’t imagine any affected family would want to “be served” by Kasab in any way.


  4. Mr Dey, Ajmal Kasab was convicted by the trial court and sentenced to death. The sentence was upheld by the Bombay High Court. He still has a chance to appeal in the Supreme Court of India. Finally, if that too fails, he can appeal to the President of India for amnesty. A convict can not be punished in India, as in US, when the due legal process is underway. I think your criticism of Indian establishment is a misplaced.


  5. Usha ajithkumar
    Treating Kasab as a royal guest and ministers visiting him personally and enquiring about the hospitality in the prison is a totally misplaced sense of Atithi Devo Bhawaha!!


  6. The fact that Kasab was a person of Pakistani origin who migrated to India to carry out the attack is something the Indian establishment wants to keep alive for international reasons and will do the same for as long as it can. So as long as Kasab is alive there will be pressure on the Pakis for sure.

    Lets see what happens to Kasab after he is passed through all the legal procedures.

    Also, hanging him will not serve as a deterrent for Jihadists to carry out future attacks against our motherland.


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