Volunteer Needed for Carrying Books from India

This is a request for help. My modest little book “Transforming India” will be ready for distribution in about two weeks. If you or anyone you know is willing to carry a bunch of them as accompanied baggage from India (anywhere) to the SF Bay area, you will have my eternal gratitude(*). Specifically I am looking for people traveling in the 25th May to 10th June time frame. I will pay for any additional costs charged by the airlines. Thank you. (* eternal gratitude limited to three days or eternity, whichever comes first.)

20 thoughts on “Volunteer Needed for Carrying Books from India

    • Shyam,

      Thanks for the offer. I think 21st will be too early to get the books to you. I appreciate your offer to help.

      Common Hindu,

      Thank you for the offer. I am sorry that I will not be able to have the books so soon. I appreciate it very much.


    • Dear “one” —

      “kanjoos” is the right word. If I keep my costs down by being kanjoos, I can keep the price down, which helps in more people buying the book. I am not selling the books to make money but rather to get more people understand my point of view. I did not know it but shipping per book is working out to be $4 per book (Indian postal service to the US) and bringing them as excess baggage on India-US flights works out to be over $2 per book.

      Since it is not a best-seller priced at $20 or $30, every little bit counts. Perhaps it will sell a few hundred copies as hard copies and a few more as an ebook. Hence the request for people who are traveling to the US from India and have a few kilos of baggage allowance to spare.


  1. Atanu, is there a way you could enable the hyperlinks in your “Atanu on Twitter” widget on this blog? Right now, the links appear as text and I cannot click on them. Thanks.


  2. Why the SF bay area? I know there are a lot of Indians there, but they’re not in India right? Of course it’s your book and your call… but I was just curious.


    • Hi Why,

      SF Bay area because this is where I live. I expect to have copies for a book release here. The bulk of the readers, I expect, will be in India. I don’t expect more than a few hundred copies to be bought in the US.


  3. Nice to hear about this book, Atanu. Will try to pick it up as soon as I can find it (or probably get one from India). I trust your book has an action plan to deliver the transformation as well, not merely a lecture to the converted.


    • Sanjeev,

      Actually, yes, there is an action plan for transformation. It may be surprising that for something so complex as the problem of India’s development, the answer happens to be fairly simple.


    • Santosh,

      June 10th seems more like a suitable date. However, as I had mentioned previously, I am looking for someone traveling to the SF Bay area. I appreciate your offer. Thank you.


  4. Atanu, I don’t use WordPress, but maybe Shantanu would have some idea. The (similar) Twitter widget on his blog renders the URLs as active links.


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