Plasma vs LCD

{Why? Because in the last few months, I bought a big fat LCD tv (Samsung), a network blu-ray player (Samsung), a big fat internet-ready 7.2 receiver (Onkyo), a big fat sub-woofer and other assorted speakers (Polk Audio), and other bits of electronics. TVs and receivers are awesomely complicated these days. Just figuring out what all the receiver can do is going to take a week’s worth of full time work. That’s why.}

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Plasma vs LCD”

  1. Congrats on acquiring all the bits and pieces required for a home theater. Where is the this – India or US? Seems like the minimum damage should have been $3000. Which AVR (Onkyo but which one) you ended up buying.

    – Pankaj


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