Shubho Nobo Borsho

Wishing you all a Happy Bengali New Year!!

I am visiting Irvine, CA, for a couple of days. Drove down from SF Bay area, part of the way on highway 1. The Pacific coast if fabulous. Then had to double back because 1 was closed a little south of Monterey. Then took 101 South, followed by I-405. Ended up driving for nearly 10 hours.

I will post pictures in a bit.

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  1. Hi Atanu,
    Nice to hear that you are in CA. I follow your blog very often.
    I am in Fresno, CA.
    If you get time I would like to meet you…I want to show you Agriculture here in Central Valley, mainly because I am in agriculture field and we can discuss it, as A of an Indian economy starts with Agriculture and lot more….
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