Does your brain work differently?

Apparently according to this test, my brain works quite like that of the vast majority of humans. Take this quick test to check your thought pattern. Do tell what happened in a comment but please don’t spoil the test for others by revealing your answer. Just say whether you are with the majority or not. It would be interesting to see how the numbers stack up. Thanks much. (Caution: Don’t read the comments if you want to do the test and not prejudice yourself.)
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Avinash Dixit: Indian Economist Par Excellence

It’s funny how India produces world-class economists but is an impoverished third-world country with an economy that languishes at the bottom of the barrel. Not ha-ha funny but ironically funny. Still, as Indians we can hold up our heads with pride that in our tribe we have economists such as Bhagwati, Srinivasan, Dasgupta, Bardhan, Basu — and of course Dixit.
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Pratap Bhanu Mehta Hauls MMS & SG Over the Coals for a Well-deserved Roasting

We pretty much know how despicable Dr Manmohan Singh is. I struggle inexpertly to express my contempt for him on these pages. The contempt I feel for him arises from the certain knowledge that much of what the hundreds of millions of poor & middle-class Indians suffer (and will continue to suffer) can be laid at his door.
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Open Thread: Does Language Really Matter?

Seeing people unable to express themselves coherently is distressing to me. It is cute to see a very small child struggling with language but in adults incoherence is disturbing. Some people’s inability to spell and punctuate properly makes me wonder whether they are inherently stupid or whether their schooling was inadequate.
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The DD Blue Turban Government Promotes Islamic Terrorism

That’s my conclusion. YMMV. Ashok Malik wrote a piece in Hindustan Times, “Modi Operandi.” While the title is too clever by half, you should check it out. An excerpt below the fold.
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Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Hans Rosling is a favorite academic/activist of mine. He is delightful to watch because of his infectious enthusiasm for his subject — that the world is getting better. Here’s a brief video that presents the evidence for that proposition. (Thanks JP for the link.) Enjoy.
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