10 thoughts on “Where the Indian CWG Mascot Came From”

  1. Atanu,

    This is something you will find interesting as you have always highlighted the importance of using “correct language”.

    The CWG mascot is named Shera but they show a Tiger. (Tiger is called Baagh in Hindi Sher means Lion.) An argument can be put forward that Shera is just the nickname of the Mascot but the official website makes it explicit by saying “Shera is derived from Hindi word Sher which means Tiger”. (they might have changed it now but the WSJ link will be there)


    1. Akshar,

      Actually “sher” is a Persian word for tiger/lion. The Hindi/Bengali/Marathi “baagh/baag/vaag” means tiger. In Sanskrit, a lion is “Simha” which gives us “singh” and “Singapore” etc.



  2. “Both the apparent strength of Kellogg’s tiger and sylvester’s cunningness is missing. The mascot rather resembles the helpless face of our PM.”
    HA HA. That was good! The tiger does look wimpy. I guess not just the PM but the Indian state taken as a whole.


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