Only the Bad and the Ugly

Arun Jaitley, the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, in an interview he gave to said that “it was evident that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has the capacity to damage institutions to remain in power.” Not a very nice thing to say. But then, when talking of not nice people, one cannot say very nice things. Actually, Jaitley understates — perhaps deliberately — how despicably Mr Singh has behaved. Mr Singh has clearly overused his capacity to do damage.

I am repeating myself here but it bears repetition: Mr Manmohan Singh is a Despicably Dishonest man. I wrote that before the King of Telecom Scams were revealed.

The picture above shows the heavy weights of the UPA. Note that of the trio of “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, only the Bad and the Ugly are shown. Good never had a chance.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Mr Atanu ,

    Since a long time a question is nagging me . Why we don’t we have a visionary leader .A leader who can think 100 years in future and make policies taking next 100 years into consideration . Why so much expediency in every decision .Why don’t the powerful trio (Mr Mohan, Madam X , and high school passed small baba ) comes on TV to explain the policies which they are are following.I sometimes feel that they are running this country as a personal fiefdom .


  2. Francois Gautier writes
    on April 27, 2010 The controversy over who wrote Hindutva, Sex and Adventures(Roly Books, New Delhi): Mark Tully, or myself, continues unabated. Critics keep on implying I wrote the book – and Mark Tully did not. Yet, as I have already said, I am a much more ardent – and militant – defender of Hindus than Mark Tully ever was and will ever be. The brand of Hindutva proposed in Hindutva, Sex and Adventures reads rather mild to me. In reality, I think that not only Dharma, the Truth that is behind Hinduism, is the very foundation of Indian civilization, but that if it dies, as it is attacked today from all sides: by Christian conversions, islamization, marxism, westernization & minorytism, it would be a catastrophe for the whole world ..
    The dumb indians have a lot to lose if they dont develop a vision beyond ‘next election’ Sadly, no one addresses the serious issues which will in near future cripple the nation like overpopulation, water/power shortage and extremism.Congress is not in a position to take a firm stand against erring politicians which is the root cause of failure of governance there


  3. Mr. Amit,

    Thats the question even people in power have. Why cant India have a leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Thats because the subjects of these leaders are not you and me who talk and read such things but the pathetically poor morons aka farmers who have taken the Govt to ransom. So the Govt machinery only works for them to remain in power. The subsidies and freebies eat up 90% of the wealth. What remains is used for building nation in terms of infrastructure, institutions and universities that created the talent in the western nations. It is as simple as this. No overly complicated evocative theories are required to explain the plight of this great nation. No one owns this nation.


  4. that’s correct–the Congress stays in power by handouts–and not building infrastructure. For example, it creates affirmative action schemes rather that crate more access to schools and build schools to address the root problem. Also from the last three leaders Congress, you see they don’t even have to pass college in India to be leaders of a party (so one wonders what kind of vision they have for the country)! I presume you need some brains to be a Lee Kwan Yew (brains in the sense of not knowing how to derive immediate benefit for yourself from staying in power, but being able to take a long term view of the needs of the country). The intelligent people in India don’t go into politics. So Congress just stays in power by freebies and handouts and affirmative action–lowering standards for everyone so India goes further down the abyss of overpopulation and poverty and general backwardness and mediocrity while Congress stays in power. Congress just has figured out how to stay in power which is by distributing government surplus to stay in power and buying votes of the vast illiterate millions. It wastes government money instead of doing anything constructive…that is why India has a general shortage of everything and the government has to use underhand methods like affirmative action to cover up its inadequacies…
    Add to that a passive electorate that has been under slavery for the past 1000 years!


  5. Raja was excused, Lallu, Mulayam and Mayavathi are spared…all absolved…on corruption charges they would have done jail time in USA. Thats congress, both raking up minority sentiments “if you go with BJP, u will be annihilated” slogan and encouraging corruption by ministers worked well so far. But the muslim, christian voters are getting smarter, they want more than freebies, they want nation to move ahead in 21st century.Its just they are stuck with despicable congresssadly. On the otherhand,BJP is learning from Congress to retain power, they are ignoring corruption at very high places in BJP run governments. To beat congress at its own game BJP has to get some print and TV media on its side, Im sure they are working on it. The Northeast insurgency has european foot prints all over it in the name of religion, both media and congress never ever explained that angle…cheers


  6. Mr. MMS can act as per his own sweet will. He has nothing to lose – not even his parliamentary seat.

    To be frank, between the two, I have greater respect for Sonia Gandhi. At least, the lady has the courage to face the electorate.


  7. my friends. we must strive for the day that the above picture is replaced by varun GANDHI and MODIJI instead of these two!!!and the post will be “the good only”


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