Indian Govt Must Ban Pharyngula

Pharyngula must be banned.

I am notifying the government of India that Scienceblogs/Pharyngula must be banned in India.

Also, all Lego products must be taken off the shelf. And diplomatic relations with Denmark must be severed. Fortunately it is not “Made in China” — that’s probably the game’s greatest redeeming factor.

Oh, and that it is halal. Halal is good. About the rating “6+” — I am not so sure. I think it should be “18+”. I think below 18 is haram. Or is it halal for some and haram for others? In any case, I hope the government of India bans all science blogs. Science is not good for communal harmony in India. So there.

(Previously I had demanded a ban on — did the government ban it yet? Has the Manmohan Singh govt issued a fatwa for the death of Mr Ali Sina? What’s going on here?)

Author: Atanu Dey


20 thoughts on “Indian Govt Must Ban Pharyngula”

  1. My appeal to readers. Please forward me all instances of books, cartoons, plastic toys, posters, movies, websites, blogs, and other things that the government of India should ban. I want to keep the government of India informed about everything going on all over the world that it should ban.


  2. India could start with demolishing the US Supreme Court building, which has an image of Mohammad. As you know, any depiction of Mohammad is verboten.

    http: //


  3. There’s “Jesus and Mo” cartoon strip – http: //

    I personally find it hilarious, but then again, I’m an infidel.


    1. Ravi:

      I looked up the definition of “bigot” — blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others.

      Most people would agree that Islam is blindly and obstinately attached to a creed and is immeasurably intolerant towards others. So Islam is bigoted. Islam is also supremacist and claims that only it is right and all other creeds are not only wrong but so wrong that they have to be eliminated from earth by force. Only Islam has the answers. Not only does Islam have answers, but for its faithful it mandates that they go out and convert infidels or else kill them. For “people of the book” — Jews and Christians — it offers them the option of being able to live provided they pay a tax. For idol worshipers like me, Islam offers a choice between conversion and death. I am not a person of the book.

      My ancestors had to leave their homeland and migrate out of Bengal because they did not wish to convert, and for some reason did not appreciate the idea of getting killed. Your ancestors did convert but that was their way of dealing with it. Your position defending Islam is understandable. After a few generations, the new ideology takes complete control of the people. Your attitude is not surprising although one does wonder why your ancestors were so timid.

      Now tell me, how should I view a religion that has killed by the millions and continues to kill whenever and wherever it gets the chance. It destroys countries, shatters lives, and makes life hell on earth.

      My intolerance of a creed that is inherently intolerant of me is not an irrational response. If you fail to see that, you are a cretin and I am afraid there is no common ground on which we can have a reasoned debate. You did not reason yourself into the ideology you follow, and therefore I cannot reason you out of it. Good luck and goodbye.


  4. Atanu, you are aiming very low. India should ban the entire Internet, a medium where filthy dog infidels thrive. If you take down one web site, another will always pop up. At the minimum it should follow China – lock itself in a mighty firewall.


    1. Chandra:

      Why just stop at banning them internets? Why not just burn all the books while we are at it? It would serve the rulers of this sainted land just fine. After all, 50 percent of the population cannot read. The government is trying hard to keep the population ignorant and poor — burning all the books will make that task much easier.


  5. That freedom of speech thing in the constitution should be made caveat free.
    We Indians don’t have the balls to follow through with anything … too busy thinking about hurting others feelings … bullcrap!


  6. Ravi is wrong. Bigot (like cretin) is synonymous for christian. By definition. Bigotry therefore is synonymous for christianism (not surprising since bigotry implies intolerance):
    `Etymological clues exist of a forlorn pagan resistance to ‘conversion’ –

    BIGOT, meaning an obstinate and intolerant holder of particular religious opinions, arrived in English via French. It originated centuries before among Germanic/Frankish tribes of Gaul. ‘Bei Gott’ (‘By God’) mocked the exclamation frequently used by the crusading Christian missionaries who were bludgeoning the tribes into conversion.

    CRETIN, a stunted or intellectually subnormal person, came into English in the 18th century from Franco-Provençal ‘creitin’ or ‘crestin’, again both ancient in origin, derived from the Old French ‘chretien’ and the Lombard, ‘cristanei’ – meaning “Christian”!`

    So, unless Atanu Dey converted to the terrorism known as christianism, he can’t be a cretin/bigot.

    Ravi may be, since seculars are christianised individuals (secularisation, a tactic of the christian meme, is subconscious self-alienation of the heathen and forms a prelude to full christianisation). This being the case, there’s an automatic degree of bigotry in all seculars. The more secular/christianised they are (i.e. the more like a christian they are), the more of a cretin/bigot they are. With full bigotry/cretin nature manifesting in complete (conscious) christians.

    I note Atanu Dey appropriately referred to Ravi as a cretin. Seems all heathens can instictively tell.


    1. Thanks, AnotherInfidel, for the lesson.

      The greatest asset we have against unreason and general retardedness is information leading to knowledge. We all have to do our bit in this. Whenever we can, however we can, we have to expose the horrors that organized religions inflict on humanity. I believe ridiculing their fundamental beliefs is part of a set of tactics. Banning of books and other things should be ridiculed because they are ridiculous.


  7. Hey Ataun,
    I am a bit confused with your posts. You said you want to tell indian govt what to ban. I still din’t get it. How can u decide what is good for me or what is not.

    If there is a satire here then i must have missed it completely and you must ignore me for my ignorance. But if not then I am confused



    1. Nirvikar:

      You ask the most important question that Indians needs to ask their rulers:

      How can YOU decide what is good for me to read and watch and what is not?

      I think given enough hints, people will catch on and be able to effect some change. As long as this question gets asked, as you did, there is still some hope for India.


  8. At the same time you have written this blog post, there is rioting going on in Shimoga in Karnataka over an article written by Taslima!!! rage boys are rioting that it is hurting their sentiments…what to do with these morons? :0


  9. Venkat:

    Rage boys too need something to do. Not having any marketable skills, they are forced to rampage and kill.

    Have you seen those ads on US tv which went, “This is your brain (picture of an egg), this is your brain on drugs (picture of scrambled eggs.”

    We should have something similar. “This is a boy (picture of an average kid), this is boy on rage under the influence of an intolerant religion (picture of rage boy raging.)”


  10. I request the Indian govt. to ban one Atanu Dey’s website, where he calls a spade a spade. He is seen to be making fun of great religions which deliver one to peace as explained by the last prophet or deliver one to “one true son of god”. Also, he is usually making fun of the great Indian family which has shed blood for India, generation after generation. He usually makes fun of Indian Prime ministers, beginning with the great Uncle Himself to the current one, whom he disparagingly refers to as blue turban. Mr. Dey’s blog is titled “Atanu Dey on Indian Development” and he also usually writes on education in India. There is a great danger of readers of this blog getting educated, which is against the will of the ministers of the great secular democracy of India. Also, I request the Indian Govt to go after the frequent commentators: One OldTimer who is seen to freely use words like commie, One Kaffir, whose handle enough is disgusting to mention and many others anonymous commentators too.

    It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen…



  11. Oh, and the Indian government definitely needs to haul the sick people, who created this video, to court:

    How dare these ‘Double Take’ dudes hurt the sentiments of Osama and his followers? Don’t they have any compassion??


  12. “Not having any marketable skills”

    How true?! This set me into thinking.. State has kept them uneducated and poor.. which ends up them not having any marketable skills.. The same state has some skewed laws which call for action on people who “hurt” others sentiments. The same pseudo-secular state tries to please one community while largely ignoring the other morons (morons since they are to be blamed for their own plight).. The same socialist state then announces “welfare packages” to uplift these non-marketable rage boys.. !!!


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