A Tragic Tale of Callous Hindu Indifference

The Russian word “pogrom” means “to destroy, to wreak havoc, to demolish violently” and is applied to “any incident of wanton and unrestrained destruction on a mass scale.” According to the wiki, the word came into English via Yiddish. The etymology of the word makes sense. Yiddish literally means “Jewish”. Jews have been the victim of pogroms by Christians and Muslims for millennia everywhere in the world except for India. The world will never be allowed to forget that because the Jews will make sure that they themselves will not forget what is the most tragic part of their civilizational history.

Through persecuted globally, the Jews endure and what is more, they thrive. Compare the achievements of the 14 million or so Jews of the modern world with that of the 1.4 billion Muslims. The latter are one hundred times as numerous. Yet the Jews give a fight to the Muslims that the Muslims are not likely to ever forget and certainly not ever forgive.

The Jews are clearly more successful than the Muslims. Perhaps it is this evident superiority of the Jews that rankles the Muslims and Jews get special treatment. The Islamic tradition holds that non-muslims are pigs, but the Jews are apes and swine. This Jewish superiority must have been around for a very long time as the hatred is as old as Islam. The founder of Islam said that at a future time even the trees and stones will tell Muslims to come and kill Jews hiding behind them.

The Jews are not indifferent to what the Muslims have done to them. They don’t want to have a repeat of their history. Besides there are too few left of them for them to be have the luxury of pretending that they are not targeted by faithful Muslims. They are not interested in committing civilizational suicide and hence they fight. They are not indifferent.

The Hindus, on the other hand, are numerous. There are an estimated 800 million or so Hindus in India. A few tens of millions of Hindus slaughtered will not make any immediate difference to them. Kanchan Gupta reminds us of what happened to the Kashimir Pandits (Hindus) at the hands of majority Kashmiris (Muslims) — “driven out of their home and hearth, virtually stripped of their identity and reduced to living as refugees in their own country”. As is clearly apparent, Hindus don’t care. Kanchan concludes it is “a tragic tale of Hindu indifference.”

The Kashmiri Pandits are not the first victims of Islam-motivated pogrom of Hindus. It’s been going on for a thousand years. It is only getting more intensified. Since its advent, Islam has been making steady advances in the Indian subcontinent. Parts that were once Buddhist and Hindu, have over the centuries become totally Islamic. And those parts that became Islamic, have steadily declined in terms of human civilizational values. Afghanistan for instance, used to a place of high culture and learning. Now it is a wasteland. As Muslims they are destroying — remember Bamiyan Buddhas — what they as non-muslims had built.

Pakistan, which is now nearly 100 percent Muslim, having systematically reduced their Hindu population through violence and conversion, has as its main objective the destruction of India. The ancestors of today’s Pakistanis were all Hindus and Buddhists. So also Bangladesh. Once upon a time, what is Bangladesh today used to have a Buddhist and Hindu population. My ancestors were persecuted by their converted Muslim neighbors and had to leave their homes.

I can imagine that there are Hindus alive in India today some of whose descendants will — having converted to Islam given the incentives that the government of India is providing for conversion — actively seek the destruction of Hindus and India. That’s what has happened. That’s what Pakistan is: the descendants of non-muslims who have sworn to be the eternal enemies of non-muslims.

The tragic tale of callous Hindu indifference to the fate of Kashmiri Pandits is not new. It is an ancient oft repeated tale. It is the only reason that Islam has been able to make advances into the Indian subcontinent. The signs are not good. External forces threaten a civilization but it cannot be destroyed until internal contradictions make it impossible to survive. As Huntington pointed out, civilizations are not murdered; they commit suicide. The current government of India, a government of a country that is majority Hindu, is helping Hindus commit suicide. Like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, India too will descend into hell and become part of the global Islamic empire. There is still hope but when a people are hell-bent on suicide, it is hard to stop them. Besides, one wonders if there is any point in wasting time stopping anyone who is convinced that self-destruction is a noble endeavor. No wonder Gandhi is revered in India.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “A Tragic Tale of Callous Hindu Indifference”

  1. Sometimes back you had quoted Will Durant “No civilization can be
    destroyed unless it is destroyed from within.”
    India was doing good during Guptas. Indians successfully resisted Huns and all. They were good in arts ,science, medicine, surgery, astronomy,mathematics, painting, sculpture and trade. What later then destroyed them from within? They didn’t even fight much the way Sassaninas and Byzantine did. There was Harshvardhan’s empire and then Rajputs who fought the Arabs for more than 100 years in the Battles of Rajasthan after Bin Qasim had conquered Sind from Dahir and the Hindushahis had been defeated in Kabul and Multan.
    The crumbling of Indian system like a pack of cards followed…wonder how did it happen so easily finally..


  2. I guess Hindus might join hands to fight against the Islamic and Missionary menace, but its already going to be too late by then.
    Hindus by nature are “nay sayers”. Even if you show them the truth and faults of these cults and their followers they will still refuse to accept it.
    When Hindus could not learn during the last 1000 years, its higly unlikely that they will learn now.


  3. Perhaps the only way forward for hindus is to secede from India. To fight the larger war, sometimes its necessary to retreat from some battles. Especially when your enemies (supposedly your compatriots) control all the elevations.


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