Nehru rate of Growth was due to Lack of Will and Vision

For anyone to do anything great requires will and vision. True for an individual, true for a nation. India is stuck not because it does not have the resources but because it does not have the will and the vision to succeed. To be more accurate, India has not had leaders who have the required will and vision to make use of India’s resources, such as they are. The so-called “Nehru rate of growth” was the consequence of having leaders with little will and even less understanding — starting of course with Nehru.
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India Must Invest in Solar Power R&D Now

Forget anthropic global warming. Sure there is climate change. But when did the climate ever not change? Even before hominins walked upright, climate has been changing. Indeed, without climate change, we would not be here. Climate change from a reducing to an oxidizing atmosphere allowed complex lifeforms on earth to develop. Life has always changed the climate — and will continue to do so. What matters is not climate but what mankind’s major sources of energy is.
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