And we all sang dirges in the dark the day satire died


via MacLeod Cartoons.

On a related note, I am a big fan of Tom Lehrer. I loved his songs which I heard on Dr Demento’s show. Lehrer claimed that the Nobel Peace prize people killed satire.

When Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, the distinguished musical satirist Tom Lehrer decided that he could no longer perform. “It was at that moment that satire died,” says Lehrer, “There was nothing more to say after that.” [Source: BBC.]

And we all sang dirges in the dark, the day satire died.

Postscript: Actually there is some doubt that Lehrer actually gave up satire after the Nobel Peace Prize to Kissinger. Here’s what wiki says:

There is an urban legend that Lehrer gave up political satire when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Henry Kissinger in 1973. He did say that the awarding of the prize to Kissinger made political satire obsolete, but has denied that he stopped doing satire as a form of protest, and asserts that he had actually stopped several years earlier.

Anyhow, here’s one of my favorite songs by Tom Lehrer: Poisoning Pigeons in the Park. Thanks to YouTube.

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