Sept 11th: Turning Six today

Sept 11th is this blog’s birthday. The blog was born this day six years ago. What I wrote last year, Five years of Opinions and Perspectives, still holds true.

Freedom is at the core of being a sentient being. Liberation from bondage is what development — personal as well as social — is essentially. Liberation from the tyranny of others is political freedom. That is why I am a liberal. That is why I support freedom of expression. Liberation from the tyranny of the state is economic freedom. That is why I oppose socialism, and support free markets. Liberation from slavery to evil ideologies is human freedom. That is why I oppose monotheism and support the Indic philosophies, particularly Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

Economic development is tied to economic policies. They are like recipes. With the same ingredients, you can cook up a fabulous dish or you can cook up something quite unpalatable. It depends on which recipe you use. Recipes are ideas. You don’t have to invent all recipes yourself. You can look and learn from others. Recipes accumulate and they don’t get used up when you use a recipe. I believe that economic growth and development is possible provided we use the right ideas. Determining which ideas are right is difficult for some. Nehru got those wrong and India continues to suffer from his socialistic ideas.

The post on Sept 11th, two years ago ended with

I know exactly where I was and what I was doing this day exactly six years ago. Even at noon I was in my apartment in my pajamas watching TV. The most famous terrorist attack had happened just hours earlier. The fake “war on terror” started on that day. It was clear to me then that the US was confused by the attack and I wrote about it a few days later in a piece for Tehelka called The Looking Glass War. The confusion seems to have been compounded and the US is thrashing around the world trying to regain some semblance of control.

I am afraid that it is going to get worse for the US. The hegemony of the US is most definitely on the decline and I think it is rightly so. A population which can re-elect neo-conservatives certainly don’t deserve to have power, and must pay for their ignorance and hubris.

Three years ago — Sept 11th 2006 — I wrote:

Five years and a few thousand more big and small acts of Islamic terrorism later, the world is still asleep at the wheel. Slowly we are getting accustomed to living with terror if we are lucky, and dying horribly if we are unlucky enough to be going about our mundane lives when the Islamic terrorists strike.

That day was so traumatic to the Americans that they simply refer to it as 9/11. Short, crisp, unique. Of course, in their parochial ignorance, they thought that Islamic terrorism was invented that day. Nope. The world has been the victim for centuries; it was the first time that it was caught live on TV.

The world likes aping the Americans. So every major event of Islamic terrorism is referred to with the American date naming convention of month/day. The Mumbai blasts of 11th July is now 7/11. Be that as it may, this whole naming convention of MM/DD is silly because soon enough the entire calendar will get populated with such dates, starting with 1/1 and ending with 12/31.

The breast beating that Americans indulge in on Sept 11 every year is somewhat nauseating. Sure about 3,000 died on that day. To someone whose country has seen much worse and for centuries, American reaction seems as being both hypocritical and silly. The US created those monsters which attacked it on that day. The chickens were coming home to roost.

The US is the world’s sole superpower. It can, if it really wanted, end Islamic terrorism. But its interests lie not in world peace but in selling weapons. To give military aid to the terrorist nation of Pakistan would seem to be an act of supreme stupidity. It is an entirely rational strategy if the goal its goal is to maintain its hegemony. How?

Here are the key concepts which tell the story: Middle East oil, despotic Islamic oil-rich kingdoms, weapons trade, winking at Chinese and Pakistani nuclear proliferation, gifting weapons to Pakistan, funding jihad around the world, borrowing trillions from the poor, arming third world countries, fueling conflicts, preaching “democracy” and practising colonialism.

Things have not gone too well for the world in the last year. The financial crisis-led economic downturn of the US economy finally slowed down the world economy.

India is staring into the abyss. For nearly 60 years, the Congress has been at the helm of affairs and it had kept India emaciated and weak. The Congress all by itself dragged India to the brink of the abyss. Now it is busy pushing India into the abyss. Like lambs to the slaughter (if you will pardon my mixed metaphors), the people docilely are allowing them. The Congress continues to discriminate among the citizens of India based on religion: a Muslim family is privileged over others, for example. It is hardening the divisions of India. The Congress is deliberately engineering a bloody revolution — the revolution that India did not have when it became free of British control — that will see tens of million dead.

India is not in a happy place. If I were a religious man, I would pray. So the only alternative I have is to point out in my own little way that there be the abyss, and you better fight them for they intend to drag you into it.

Author: Atanu Dey


10 thoughts on “Sept 11th: Turning Six today”

  1. Dude – at least get some rational analysis in place .. you owe it to the reader

    “Muslim family is privileged over others” — have you even analyzed this??

    Look at things that are actually important – education and taxation

    In our laws- Hindu brothers can offset each other’s losses against their gains.. to pay less tax (HUF taxation laws)

    People (exclusively) from Hindu backward sections get a quarter of all public educational opportunities and public jobs safely blocked in their names .. while people from other religions jokey for the so called “open” seats.

    Who are we bullshitting here?? …Hindus, as a group, are safe sound and fairly privileged (as compared to other religious groups)in India

    We have a systemic problem … some sections, of those who migrated to our lands in recent history, are spewing vendetta filled venom and poisoning our atmosphere … I know partition (from 1906 to 1947) hurt a lot of people … but I will not take it as an excuse for spreading false porpoganda … do not exploit the generous host


  2. > Who are we bullshitting here?? …Hindus, as a group, are safe sound and fairly privileged (as compared to other religious groups)in India


    India is indeed staring into an abyss — the future, despite malls and nice cars, does not look good indeed.


  3. Atanu,

    Congratulations on completing 6 years. As they say in bangla, 6 years is “adh-yug”!

    I am thankful to you for providing such wonder lucid analyses on topics of importance!

    I am a regular visitor since early 2005 and your sharp analyses never ceased to amaze me. Thanks again



  4. @Baawara:

    Request you to please enlighten us on the following:

    ” … do not exploit the generous host”

    I find you polluting Atanu’s page ( yes , “polluting”, since you did not deign to leave a single argument apart from threatning/ abuses), and Atanu is generous enough to allow you do so.

    Who exactly is “exploiting” the “generous” host here?

    Care to explain the following?

    You wrote:
    ““Muslim family is privileged over others” — have you even analyzed this??”

    Then you delivered the verdict:
    “Who are we bullshitting here?? …Hindus, as a group, are safe sound and fairly privileged ”

    Let me borrow your words and ask you O enlightened “have you even analyzed this??”

    BTW,what do you mean exactly by “(as compared to other religious groups)”? Why hide behind the veil of “other religious groups”, when you know that we know what religion you are comparing to?


  5. yo dudeler, baawaara 🙂 thand rakh bhai.. itnee lambi mat chod..

    In our laws- Hindu brothers can offset each other’s losses against their gains.. to pay less tax (HUF taxation laws)

    hahahha…. dude… u rock… what pot r u on? pass me that one..

    and btw, thats b’coz ur ‘brothers’ din’t want a HUF kinda law to start with.. they simply din’t want to pay taxes (as apparently it’s against their ‘religion of peace’. Gaat it?


  6. @dodo

    The message got delivered. hopefully Atanu understood. Fact remains fact and the world knows it….

    Guru agar samajh mey nahi aaya to lapet lo …

    Do chaar lambey kash kheecho .. samajh mey aayega…


  7. Folks – you don’t have to get all worked up and start to bat for Atanu – He is quite capable of batting for himself … one of the options for him is to come back with an analytical piece supporting his sweeping hypothesis “Muslim family is privileged over others” … I would like to read it myself.

    kabir had said

    Nindak Niyare Rakhiye, Angan kuti chavaye
    bin paani sabun bina, Nirmal kare subhaaye

    No denying that some of Atanu’s writings are interesting. And i am not taking any credit away from his scholarship (wherever it can be seen)… I feel one should not take away credit for scholarship …in the mythological stories – even Ravan’s scholarship was recognized by Ram and Lakshman … hope you get the drift


    1. baawara, one has to be grateful for whatever support one gets. So while I may disagree with the content of some of the comments addressed to you, I appreciate the sentiment of support that motivates those comments.

      I agree with you that one should give scholarship its due; although in this case, I certainly do not claim to be a scholar in even the most generous definition of the word. This is no false modesty, mind you. I am plenty sure that I am quite intelligent and have learnt logic and know how to do arithmetic. I claim that those attributes — intelligence, knowing logic and arithmetic — put me above 99.9 percent of humanity, but don’t bring me into the class “scholars” which I think comprise of 0.001 percent of humanity.

      Funny you should bring up Ravan. Just yesterday on a private email group, I mentioned that Ravan was very learned. Another member added, “Ravan was considered to be the most intelligent of all Brahmins. One of the stories that my grandma told me was that it was he who did the vijay yagya for ram. Obviously in disguise. Very learned man. Lanka burned most fiercely because of all the bark books he had in his library.” [yagya in Bengali is yagna in Hindi.]


  8. kash toh tu laga raha hai.. woh bhi lambe lambe..:)

    Dude, nobody needs to bat for Atanu. I agree. But if there’s some absolutely crazy comment that completely turns fact on it’s head, someone needs to call it out. So there..

    anyways..u be happy with ur ideas.. looks like.. it’s preaching to the choir..


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