B Raman: “Counter-terrorism & Appeasement”

Mr. B Raman, in his South Asia Analysis Group paper of 20th August — “Counter-terrorism & Appeasement” — writes:

* There have been four acts of mass casualty terrorism since 1981. All the four were carried out when the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi.

* There have been three instances of targeted attacks on foreigners since 1991—-two in J&K and one in Mumbai. All the three were carried out when the Congress (I) was in power.

* There have been seven acts of ISI-sponsored aircraft hijackings since 1971. Six of them were carried out when the Congress (I) and one when the BJP was in power.

* There has been one instance of an Air India plane being blown up in mid-air killing over 250 persons. This took place when the Congress (I) was in power.

* The LET was banned by the Musharraf Government as a terrorist organization through a Gazette notification on January 15, 2002. The Manmohan Singh Government has not been able to get the JUD banned by the Zardari Government through a Gazette notification even nine months after the Mumbai attack.

* Indira Gandhi was assassinated when the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated when an ally of the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi and another ally in Chennai.

* The Indian Mujahideen came into existence when the Congress (I) was in power.

* The first commando-style complex terrorist attack in Indian territory by a group of terrorists, all hailing from Pakistan, has taken place when the Congress (I) is in power.

Now it is true that B Raman in his extremely detailed piece (54 bulleted paragraphs, no less) lists instances after instances of the absolutely incomprehensible incompetency of Dr Manmohan Singh in dealing with the terrorist state of Pakistan and the terrorism that it unleashes on Indians. But as I keep saying, Dr Singh cannot be held responsible for reasons of incompetency. I believe courts routinely refuse to punish murderers if it is determined that the murderer is mentally incompetent. Dr Singh does not deserve any less.

For the record, here are items 16 and 17 from Mr Raman’s paper:

16. The inexorable result of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s failure to act: The commando-style attack by 10 Pakistani terrorists of the LET, trained, armed and equipped in Pakistan on two hotels, a Jewish religious-cum-cultural centre and other public places in Mumbai, which started on November 26, 2008, and continued till November 28, 2008.It was an army-style operation involving the use of hand-held weapons, explosives, sophisticated communication equipment and modern internet telephony facilities, which shocked the world and created feelings of anger and outrage in India.

17. The enormity of the public anger against Pakistan forced Dr. Manmohan Singh to freeze the composite dialogue process without disrupting the normal diplomatic relations between the two countries. He did so not because he was convinced that his earlier policy of appeasement of Pakistan had failed, but because he and his Congress (I) party were worried that if they did not give the impression of taking strong action against Pakistan, it might affect the party adversely in the elections of April-May, 2009, to the Lok Sabha, the lower House of the Indian Parliament. The resumption of the composite dialogue was made conditional on Pakistan acting strongly against the LET, its operatives based in Pakistan who had planned and got executed the terrorist attack in Mumbai and its terrorist infrastructure in Pakistani territory.

If you continue to support a political party that consistently screws you over decade after decade, impoverishes you, and treats you like a retard, you might be a third world country.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “B Raman: “Counter-terrorism & Appeasement””

  1. Mr Dey,

    Very well written. I have one small question.

    You say “If you continue to support a political party that consistently screws you over decade after decade, impoverishes you, and treats you like a retard, you might be a third world country.”

    Please also tell us if we have any options? we don’t even have a responsible opposition. People support (and in this case vote for) the congress not because they like being impoverished or treated like scum, but because they have no other options.

    The BJP under Vajpayee gave India a viable alternative, and the country brought him to power. But the current lot of leaders is ridiculous.

    I hate the congress as much as you do, but given a choice, I’d prefer congress rule over anarchy. At-least there is some consistency in their policies.


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