A Rational IT Policy: The Introductory Bits

Follow up to BJP’s Policy of “IT for All”.

In the following, I will present the features of a rational “IT Policy” and argue why it makes sense. This is only an academic exercise as this is not likely to be followed by the policymakers of India. Color me cynical but if Indian policymakers were in the habit of making rational policies, India would not be a desperately poor country, would it? Why India gets saddled with moth eaten policies made by inept policymakers is a different matter that we will save for a rainy day. But first, let’s talk IT and what it is.
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Is Karan Thapar an idiot?

I ask if Karan Thapar is a idiot or is he just a clueless retard? You might say that this is a false dichotomy — hardly much to choose from, you’d say. OK. How about if I rephrase that question: Is Karan Thapar a lobotomized cretin or is he a bottom-feeding douche bag? There, now you have a clear distinction. You may still reject the assumption implicit in the question — that he is either one or the other — and say that he is both. OK, I hear you and agree that my question is poorly phrased and so I conclude that he is all of the above.
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BJP’s “IT for All”

Information technology (IT) is arguably one of the more remarkable products of the advanced industrialized countries (AIC). Its development in the AICs and subsequent widespread use there indicates that IT tools are not only a consequence of economic growth and development, but is also the cause of further economic growth. Developing countries such as India are attempting to catch up and they are fortunate to have the use of IT at an earlier stage of their development than the currently developed countries had when they were developing.

I am pleased to note that the BJP believes in the use of technology for development. The BJP recognizes that IT enhances productivity and increases production. Their press release on the IT vision document is unequivocal and clearly lays out the components of the policy. It should be required reading for pundits and lay persons alike. Their policy declaration “IT for All” is bold, visionary, timel and ambitious. It is also fatally flawed and wrong-headed.
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