Solutions worse than the problems


[Hat tip: Jayant]

It’s true, isn’t it, that we need less government solutions to government created problems. If only, lord if only, the government would get out of interfering in society.

On a lighter but related note, I am reminded that sometimes the explanation for an error makes the action less excusable. The story goes that the court jester was in a playful mood. Seeing the king bending over, he runs up and places a swift kick in the royal derriere. Livid with anger, the king demands, “What the hell do you think you are doing, you fool?” The jester says, “Oh pardon me, your royal highness. I thought it was the queen.”

Announcements: Indicore, and Ashoka Changemakers

Indicore in the process of accepting applications for their August 2009 Fellowship. Their application deadline is March 15th. More details below the fold.

Ashoka Changemakers are launching an online competition to search for system-changing innovations in agriculture and rural development. “Cultivating Innovation: Solutions for Rural Communities” is hosted at Details below the fold.

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