Whoring Aamir Khan Style

Whoring is an ancient human tradition and some primatologists even say that it is not restricted to human animals alone. Cynics definitely believe that everyone has a price and can be bought to assume any desired position. I am a cynic and Diogenes of Sinope is a hero of mine.

The Acorn reports that Aamir Khan has decided to carry the Olympic torch on its journey through India. He is paid by the Coca Cola company to do so. Whoring for the Chinese government indirectly through the commercial interests of a peddler of soft drinks is no shame. Aamir Khan is a past master of the game.

Aamir Khan is especially notable for his ability to make movies that press the right buttons — and the idiots the general public just laps it up with great relish. I am sure that quite a few bucks change hands under the table for a movie to be given the “tax free” stamp. Both parties — the political whores and the bollywood whores — must have quite a hearty laugh at the clueless millions who fall for the tripe.

What does Aamir Khan take the general public to be — stupid? Actually, yes, and correctly so. Honestly, I am not the one to take the holier-than-thou attitude towards this. I am sure I would readily support anyone who is willing to pay me a few million bucks. Oh that reminds me of a joke that reveals human character rather starkly.

Thus have I heard that George Bernard Shaw once met a famous actress (if memory serves, it may have been Isadora Duncan) at a party. He asked her if she would sleep with him for five million dollars. She thought for a moment and said perhaps she would. Then he asked her if should would do so for a hundred dollars. She indignantly replied, “Most certainly not. What do you take me for, a whore?” To which he said, “My dear, we have already established that fact. Now we are just haggling over the price.”

Anyway, the Tibetans are being raped by the Chinese government and the Chinese government has enough money to buy a lot of goodwill. Aamir Khan is not all that expensive. He will bend over as directed. B Raman has wasted a lot of words thinking that it is ignorance of history that Aamir is guilty of. Ignorance is only part of the explanation. In fact, but for the ignorance Aamir would find his position psychologically quite painful. After all, his rhetoric about patriotism is quite elevated and his opinion about India’s human right record very low. Telling him some home truths is most likely not going to suddenly make him see the light.

OK, enough of this rant. Note to self: Watch “Taarey Zamin Par” soon.

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Whoring Aamir Khan Style”

  1. He is paid by the Coca Cola company to do so. Whoring for the Chinese government indirectly through the commercial interests of a peddler of soft drinks is no shame.

    Plenty of whores, including the CEO of Coke and share-holders, in addition to Aamir Khan. 😉
    Plus, consumers who unthinkingly pay for and drink Coke can’t really be excluded from this complex web.Dukkha all around.


  2. I like Aamir Khan because I believe he is a superb and honest actor. I like Aamir Khan because of his honest views which come out brilliantly during the interviews. I fully respect his decision to run with the torch, just like I respect and llove baichung’s decision not to run with the torch.
    After going through Atanu’s post I realized that I must be an idiot. Sigh!! My burden of idiocy lies heavily on my shoulders. However, I guess I will bear the cross. O lord, touch me with thy noodly appendage and give me strength.


  3. that means every trade is whoring??

    Moreover if he had refused to go with torch he would have done whoring for Tibet(not in exchange of money but for heroic image like Bhutia did)

    It’s just a matter of choosing a point of reference to look at something. (Everything is.)


  4. As the two preceding comments show, my post is not clear to some. I am not arguing against Aamir Khan’s decision to carry the torch for money. The point that The Acorn raised — that Mr Khan should not have attempted a moral equivalence between India’s and China’s treatment of dissent to justify his decision to maintain his contract with the Coca Cola company — is central to the whole matter.

    As I made clear in my post, I believe that we are are all pipers playing the tunes we are paid to. Aamir Khan is not really exceptional in that regard. His convoluted arguments are uniquely his, though.


  5. What AK thinks(if he can) doesn’t really matter.

    All social political even economic results are obtained via action.
    So those who think the Tibetan cause should be supported, have nothing to show for india and really dont know what to do? What position to take?

    The other side which represents China’s strength( as well as arrogance and hubris wrt tibet) has something to show for in India, which is that india has no position on the issue.


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