India Spends $13,000,000,000 on Education Abroad

That's what a report in the Hindustan Times claims: US $13 billion each year. Figures such as these are unbelievable but I suppose someone must have done the numbers. In any case, I had estimated that number to be around $10 billion a few years ago. Let's pause for a moment and figure. $13 billion … Continue reading India Spends $13,000,000,000 on Education Abroad

Arthur C Clark: The Final Odyssey

Sir Arthur C Clarke 1917--2008 departed the planet yesterday for his rendezvous with Rama in geosynchronous orbit. Like millions of others of my generation, I grew up reading science fiction. I liked Arthur C Clarke the best. Based on his story "The Sentinel," the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," is one of my all-time favorite … Continue reading Arthur C Clark: The Final Odyssey