View of the Airbus 380 Cockpit

The Airbus 380 cockpit. Click on the image above to see the amazing 360 degree view (which will open in a new window or tab.) Note the controls at the bottom of the screen which allow you to zoom and tilt the view. (Thanks Yuvaraj for the link.)

The last time I sat in the jump seat of an Airbus was a flight from New Delhi to Paris on Aug 31st 2001. I had been traveling a lot on business and gotten to know the flight crew. I spent a couple of hours chatting with the captain that night as we winged our way across the world under a starry sky. A few days later, on Sept 11th, the opportunity for most people to ever hang out in the cockpit of a commercial jetliner vanished for good.

One thought on “View of the Airbus 380 Cockpit

  1. pankaj Friday February 29, 2008 / 11:46 am

    This is biggest commerical liner bigger than 747,as aviation buffs can see it a glass cockpit all dials are replaced by lcd screens,as well as fly by wire no central control stick ,the next generation of aircraft whenever they will come will not have pilots but will be flown by artifical intelligence, and may be a single backup human pilot.


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