Smart New Togs

This blog is undergoing change. Not just in the looks but new editorial policies will be followed. New improved looks (50% increase in the number of columns, in case you have not noticed), tags, login for commenting, and whatnots.

Form changes will be matched with content changes. Let me know how you like the new looks and also what you would like to see by way of content.

Author: Atanu Dey


17 thoughts on “Smart New Togs”

  1. Hi Baransam,

    I wanted a 3-column format. Besides, the old format has been in use for around 3 years. It was time for a change. Also, I upgraded to version 2.3 of WordPress. That allowed me to require registration for comments. Perhaps it will help with the problem of spam.

    I hope that this registration requirement does not inconvenience anyone.


  2. This is much pleasing layout; better than the previous one. The registration process is a bit tedious but much more welcome. One thing. I prefer Akismet Spam catcher than to Spam Karma. Just another plug in which is easier to implement.


  3. Atanu, glad to see a template change. The previous one was not reader-friendly. However, this registration for commenting is a bad idea. Will drastically reduce commenting. You could enable moderation instead.


  4. Atanu,

    3 columns are better: more accessible content. The theme looks a little too lifeless without color — at least a defining background on any one of these will be better.

    And yes, registration for comments is too bad!


  5. change is inevitable… especially after 3 years… so… to use a term i find most amusing… “new pinch”

    look forward to the good old well-thought-out writing…

    p.s. anyone here know how “new pinch” came to be? :-))

    p.p.s. some cosmetic observations…

    1. too bad i can’t use my existing WP login to comment here…

    2. also curious, why do all the links open up in a new window? (it does not appear to be a firefox problem at my end)


  6. Thanks all for the feedback.

    Sudipta, true this one is vanilla white. It would be good to have a bit of background color.

    Rohit, will look into the full feed thing. Sorry if that has stopped working (assuming that it used to be otherwise.)

    Regarding possible barrier to commenting due to required registration: “We don’t need no stinkin’ comments.” 🙂

    Aditya, “the good old well-thought-out writing…”? Wrong URL. Shirley you should check elsewhere.

    Ike, prepare to be lorded over by the new overlords.

    Abhishek, will check out the spam blockers. I will give this registration business a spin for a bit. May remove it later.

    Nitin, Pragmatic, Patrix: your comments duly noted. Thanks.


  7. Looks good Atanu. It’ll be nice to have a light background other than white though. Don’t have the old version for comparison, but I think the font size is better now.


  8. Hi Atanu,
    astronomy picture was a nice surprise. otherwise, there are a couple of changes that hurt.

    first, please reduce fonts of other columns. i can then increase the font side of the main text (keep 15, say), without shrinking the area of the central text.

    second, i think the area occupied by the main text needs to be increased. take area from the other columns and give it to main text column.

    both should make it a better read. About logging in, it is a pain. Though, i understand that it solves your problem of spam, so necessary evil.

    would like to hear more about knowledge economics. i was hooked on due to posts related to education (“Who paid for my education”, for example. or the other two talking about true cost vs perceived market price, etc.).

    will write more about discrimination, oh, have you picked up a nice topic :p



  9. Hi Atanu,

    I like the changes.

    Content wise: Like others, I would like more topics on education. I think that it has been some time that you have touched that topic.

    Form wise: (i) I would like some variation in color between the three columns. That would, in my opinion give some contrast. (ii) I would like the pages of the individual blogs to have the title “Atanu Dey on Smart New Togs”. The current one only has “Smart New Togs”.

    General observations: The registration was almost trivial and smooth.


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