Hitchens, the American

So what do you know — Christopher Hitchens has become a naturalized American citizen. That’s simply great. I can prove syllogistically that Hitchens doesn’t think he is god. Here’s how:

1. Hitchens thinks he is great. (I agree.)
2. God is not great. (According to Hitchens as the title of his latest book is God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.”)
3. Therefore, Hitchens doesn’t think he is god. Q.E.D.

(Proving Hitchens is allah is left as an exercise for the interested reader. )

Here’s Hitchens speaking with Lou Dobbs on CNN.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Hitchens, the American”

  1. Sportsnob:

    Are you surprised that American politics is influenced by the Christian right wing? America is a country which is overwhelmingly Christian. Just like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan are overwhelmingly Muslim. I suppose it is somehow unremarkable when Islam influences politics in majority Muslim states but it is somehow not quite acceptable for Christians to influence their politics.

    The book title should give a clue about what his slant will be. Basically he is saying “Allah NOT Akbar.” Islam has always been a threat to humanity but now technology has provided it the weapons which it can use to destroy the world.


  2. Now why shouldnt it be an anti islamic tirade.
    Islam took the worst practices of preislamic arabia, judaism and christianity for the benifit of mohammad(pig shit be upon him)


  3. Also i beleive he has been a citizen for atleast more than a year.
    Smart move, who the heck would want to be an islander with their multi culti dances and civil service church and a near communist economy(the %age of gdp in state sector is higher even when compared to india)
    oh i forgot to add there is a group called the Asians who do and are proud of it.


  4. Mr. Hitchens has criticized well respected iconic people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Billy Graham, etc.

    He has called Gandhi a fundamentalist (also a half naked fakir) and Mother Teresa as fraud and so on.

    It is true that these are human beings that had some faults as all human being have. On the whole, they have probably done more good than harm – in most peoples’ estimation.

    He also has said that Krishna was born by un-natural birth (like Jesus, Buddha, etc.) This is not what is stated in Indian mythology. (He has his mythology wrong here)

    In short he uses bomb thrower’s language to sell his books (a la Ann Coulter) This is not a way of reasoned argument.

    For example, the evidence he provides of MT’s “un-saintliness” is that she was more interested getting money from dubious rich people and she never opened her financial books to scrutiny.

    I believe Mr. Hitchens has gotten a big head by his success in the U. S. and he is enjoying shocking people on TV and other foras.

    Frankly, his appearance on TV has convinced me that he is an anti-religious FANATIC something which he claim others are.

    I often enjoy this writers blog, while not necessarily agreeing all the time. But, in this instance, am rather shocked that this writer could be a FAN of such a gentleman as Mr. Hitchens.


  5. Hitchens quoted Churchil and said Gandhi was a half naked fakir.
    He did call him a hindu fundamentalist.
    I agree on his take on both Gandhi and Teresa. MT was one crazy deluded fool if not an outright crook, and so are the dumbass indians who think she did any good.
    Read his book the missionary position.(PS /most women dont like that position and do want to be on the top)


  6. I would never have guessed Dobbs might have Hitchens on his show… good for Dobbs. Thankyou for posting the video. I have yet to catch a glimpse of this book in person, but I will be highly disappointed if it does have a slant towards any one religion/god in particular. You can let Orwell go to your head about Iraq, but no more than that if you’re going to be credible. Dawkins is smarter in this instance, he goes after faith, not god.


  7. Well I am surprised Hitchens accepted to go on Dobbs show.
    I think Sam Harris is better than Hitchens and Dawkins in this space.
    But Hitchens has his own arguements that he has brought out, His style is to go through the historical trace thats left. I liked his attack on
    Mormonism especialy


  8. I love that guy but I think I skip the book; its aleady over 4 months but I never go for it. That subject does not interest me.But Hitchens does. He is a sharp guy. Not to many like him.


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