The Indian Education System — Part 2

Education matters immensely when it comes to the health of an economy. There is a positive correlation between years of schooling and the GDP per capita. Let’s look at the numbers that are indicative of the generalization. In 2001, “school-life expectancy” and the ppp GDP per capita for Ethiopia were (4.3 years, and $675); for Indonesia (10, and $2,844), for China (12.4, and $4,065), for South Korea (14.6, and $17,048), Japan (14.3, and $25,559), and the US (15.2, and $32,764).
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First of May

. . . you and I, our love will never die,
but guess who’ll cry come first of May.

That refrain from the song — First of May — by the Bee Gees always echoes in my mind whenever I hear the words “first of May.” It is a wisftul love song, a song of yearning and longing for a sweet remembered past.

The lyrics of the song are below the fold.
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