The Renaming of Things

Hugh Fitzgerald over at Dhimmiwatch says in an article titled “Aurangzeb Road” (hat tip: Tushar) :

“The Danish Embassy in India is located on Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi. So there is still a road in India that is named after the most ruthless and cruel of the many ruthless and cruel Muslim rulers, oppressor and mass-murderer of Hindus. Why is there a road by that name? Change it, for god’s sake.”

Nope. We can’t do that. Bangalore can be changed to Bengaluru for reasons not very clear. Airlines can be renamed from “Indian Airlines” to “Indian”. But mass murderers have cities and major streets named after them. Dhimmis tend to do that. Personality cult disorder, as I wrote a few years ago.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “The Renaming of Things”

  1. Sir,
    Aurangazeb followed Quaran to the letter so that he lived by his own earnings by writng quaran and stiching caps and selling.He believed in his religion and so imposed Jizia and converted by force whomsover was not willing to pay jizia.He offerred his sister in marriage to a rajput prince of Rajasthan as the persian kings were not willing to marry his sister.There is no road named after invaders like babur or Gahawri or Ghazni.But Aurangazeb is an Indian Muslim ruler and followed his religion to the T.Delhi has roads named after all the mughal rulers like Humayun,Jehangir,shajahan, Akbar because they are all indians but Muslims.
    What you will do with the Muslims who converted? Or they be to sent to pakistan? or recoverted which Hinduism doesnot allow?
    Hugh fitzgerald is playing to one of those games which is to incite HINDU ANGER, because Muslim invaders destroyed thousands of temples as every invader did, and modern socalled secularists PAMPER TO SOFT JEAHIDSM.Invaders in olden days always destroyed enemy temples, raped enemy woman and looted gold.Hugh fitzgerald is trying to make a Dhimmi of you.


  2. Indian place and road names. A wonderful subject to study. Especially in TN, where they took it to unprecedented levels in the 90s when most districts were renamed after people. They did the same with the many State run road transport cos, including one named after the CM. Finally, it got so bad that the new government had no choice but to revert back to the original names.


  3. Captain Johann wrote:-

    Aurangazeb followed Quaran to the letter so that he lived by his own earnings by writng

    You are an aboslute bufoon.
    The same thing has been written about the nizam of hyderabad,
    nawab of junagadh and a dozens of other rulers.
    The fact is some of those people liked to write it,
    and others like to kiss their ass by buying it and showing respect.
    I want you to proove it to the rest of us here that
    aurangzeb’s personal expenses came out of the sale of Quaran.
    Do also tell us why did he invade golconda?

    When some one points out a genuine fact
    you ‘bhai bhai’ bhaiyyas come out in droves and shove nonesense.

    Just prove your original point about him living from the money raised from sale of quaran.

    PS quaran by the way is one of the worse act of religio-plaigarism by a man trying to justify why he should have a kingdom.


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