US to Deport Indian national

Just in case you were getting carried away reading Indian newspaper reports about how wonderfully Indians in the US were doing, here is a report that will give you pause. One can be fairly certain that this will not be reported by the main stream Indian press. After all, we cannot imagine home-grown jihadis, can we? We are a secular country.

Here’s a bit from that story:

BOSTON — A federal judge yesterday ordered an Indian national whose behavior at a Smithfield trucking school spawned a nationwide antiterrorism investigation be deported.

Mohammed Yousuf Mullawala la “is not the person who he claims to be,” said U.S. Immigration Judge Matthew J. D’Angelo, as a shackled Mullawala listened a few feet away at the court room’s defense table.

While Mullawala’s “ultimate intentions and motives have not yet been revealed in full,” the judge said, “this court reaches a finding that mirrors the grave concern expressed by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, The Rhode Island State Police and the Rhode Island Fusion Center” — which spearheads local homeland security matters.

D’Angelo ordered that Mullawala, 28, remain in the custody of Homeland Security officials while officials there continue investigating his alleged suspicious behavior.

. . .

He has been under investigation since Nov. 29, after an instructor at the Nationwide Tractor-Trailer Driving School became suspicious of him and contacted authorities. According to court papers, Mullawala’s lack of interest in learning how to back up a tractor-trailer, his request to buy software on hazardous materials and his queries on whether fingerprinting would be required for a commercial driver’s license raised concerns with the instructor.

Six days after the investigation began, Mullawala walked into the state police headquarters in Scituate to file a harassment complaint against a detective who called him on his cell phone. After questioning, he was taken into custody on a student visa violation.

During an immigration hearing last month Mullawala admitted he lied to the state police, as well as on applications for permanent residency, admission to colleges, driver’s licenses and the trucking school. But he denied being a criminal or a threat to anyone.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “US to Deport Indian national”

  1. Where do indian newspaper report any thing opinionated?
    For the most part indians have an anti american and pro islamic idealogy.
    They might as well take their lunds out and circumcise themselves and become sulley.


  2. Oh another thing.
    ManMohan Singh on his washinton trip the one in which civilian nuclear coop was discussed
    make a statement to washington press core,
    that he is proud that no indian muslim has been a member of Al-Q.
    The speech is still on npr site.
    Its Manmohan who needs to see a proctologist to find where his head his.
    Is this an achievement for a muslim…
    “well ahmed, he’s not a terrorist and its an achievement”…
    In the same bit he managed to criticize bush on iraq, something he has no business doing, especialy if you consider that bush went out of his way even with in his own party to get india this deal.

    This hypocracy that indian intellectuals show against US is very interesting.


  3. Guru Gulab Khatri is bang on target. So far the world has had aristocracy, democracy, plutocracy, even autocracy. Thanks to India, as Khatri points out, we now have hypocracy.


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