Delusional People

Two items today from this amazing web. First, a simple rant telling monotheists that they should stop being delusional. Nothing fancy but a lot of fun. Next, a great conversation with Susan Blackmore at the Point of Inquiry. “In this far-ranging discussion with D.J. Grothe, Susan Blackmore talks about her research into the paranormal and near death experiences and why she left that field of study, memetics and religion as a meme, free will and the question of moral responsibility, consciousness and the illusory nature of the self, and Zen Buddhism and meditative practice, among other topics. She also explores why is it more important than ever for scientists to speak out about important issues of concern in the world today.”

3 thoughts on “Delusional People

  1. Manu Wednesday February 7, 2007 / 10:37 pm

    The youtube video has been removed.


  2. Guru Gulab Khatri Thursday February 8, 2007 / 11:08 pm

    The rant applies to all, but especialy to muslims and jews and to a lesser extent christians.
    Muslims one doesnt even need to get into it.
    Jews well they started the us vs them divide and created a vengeful god.
    Christians still have a delusion about a man being a sinner just by being born via sex and hence virgin birth.
    So yes ‘western’ monothiesm/abrahmaic traditions have created idealogical problems.
    But non westerns have done the same too.
    Adwaita philosophy has very long roots in india but apart from philosophy and polemics it never was a strong social movement.
    Legends like Angulimaal Valmiki exist for a reason to appeal to those interested in personal transformation.
    whit that said practices like praying for child/grade/money have long existed in which people ask a deity for a favor.
    Which goes against the logical conclusion to be drawn from the other philosophy.
    What is the difference between some one praying for hugo chavez to be dead and hindus to become christian.
    and some one praying to hanuman to becoming muscular or getting married to a tree to avoid mangal dosh.
    And of course i am not forgetting the sikhs and jains, Both of their religions have many cockamamiesh beliefs can be addressed in eastern and western tradition.
    The only advantage eastern traditions have had is being open to further developments and focusing more on internal experiences.
    But the banal rituals, superstitions like raashi (horoscope) jyotish Babas with darbars and dargahs, and other exercises in asking favor from deities do not strenghthen a persons psychological health.
    That applies to east to and so it should stop being smug about some ancient polemics and philosophy that the majority of its adherents dont even know about.


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