Indian Censorship

I attempted to access the site and could not do so from India. I then used a proxy script found here and could access the site.

Land of the freedom of speech, eh? Land of secularism? Now, we cannot have Hindus uniting, can we? We owe our allegiance to the Pope, thank you very much.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Here you on the matter of free speech. However, the site does not really represent “Hindu thought”, or for that matter “Hindu Unity”, does it? It is just a lot of ranting.

    Just an observation.


  2. If they want to have censorship, they should have on porn sites; not for such sites. There are people who believe in what is written there but if they dont believe and get to read, they can have a loud laugh; nothing harmful there.


  3. Dear airbassplayerman,

    Whether that site represents hindu unity or not, or is a silly site with ranting or whatever, it is none of anybody’s business. Free speech should be free speech.


  4. I think, free speech & right of union is not an end in itself. Both of these can be misused to spread hatred, lies and exploit the ununited. Some ideas are like virus, and can take root & grow without being real. Exposing a society to them under free speech, and expecting it to immunize itself may not always work. I found the site extremely vituperous. On one hand it makes us aware of so much hatred in our society, but on the other hand, I am worried about this hatred spreading due to universal access of world wide web. If government wants to achieve religious harmony, along with suppression of extremist thoughts (like this ban) & dogmas in all religions (which I believe are more numerous in Islam), emphasis on common spirituality, common civil code & public schools, anticonversion laws and higher social mingling could be effective instruments. More importantly, the goal & policies to achieve it should be same for all religions. This website answers muslim hatred by hindu hatred. Such “Tit for tat” is ideal policy in a zero sum game. It is for government & secular voices to stop all such win-lose games, and promote all kinds of win-win cooperative games, like education, free trade, nationalism, spirituality & common celebrations. Otherwise, these devilish duels will end with massacre of either/both sides.


  5. “Hindu Militancy is the only solution left for India. Let one weed grow on your lawn by tolerating it will result in more weeds until they take over healthy grass. Destroy the weeds that live in India. Kill them at their roots” –

    And at the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law (The relevance of a discussion thread becomes obsolete as soon comparisons to Nazis are introduced) aint this an echo of both the ku klux and nazis?

    The issue is not about what they say but about their right to speech. This undoubtedly they have. However much overwrought with rhetoric and hatred. (For more on the rhetorical nature of our times see this:

    But the real problem is is a staging ground. All it needs is one charismatic leader to unite the votebank and purchase license to enact anti-hindu progroms.

    From the current sentiment in the country, this seems inevitable. Islamic terror will fuel Hinduvta terror in self stoking cycles till the cry to expel/massacare the “non-hindus” become official goverment policy.

    Speculation? I hope so. History as they say repeats itself. They only counterbalancing factor I can see that can negate this future is the level of interconnectedness we have achieved.

    God bless the Internet! 🙂


  6. To say that blocking is part of the Indian government’s attempt to prevent Hindus from uniting is a paranoid, unwarranted exaggeration. has enough hate speech for nthe Indian government to have it blocked under the reasonable restrictions clause of the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Speech. You can agree or disagree with – and I think it’s very stupid – you can point out that it won’t work anyway. But to say it is a secularist attempt to prevent Hindus from uniting is, well, false propaganda.


  7. I seldom agree with Atanu on sociological issues. For the record i completely disagree with this right wing(hindu/muslim/cristian) stuff. However that does not mean that it can be censored. To quote Voltaire “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.
    No cretin has the right to restrict anothers opinion, irrespective of how repungant that opinion can be…


  8. Some folks have brought porn into it.
    Just what the hell is wrong with it.
    visit ancient sites in nepal and you find pictoral representation of sex….
    I do se an islamopleasist version of censorship applied in india. Hindu unity is censored cause some people write ‘anti muslim’ statements.
    You cant have a half baked idea of freedom of speech…


  9. Shivam,

    I couldn’t find any hate speech on the site. The only thing its writers can be guilty of is that they are not suitably nuanced

    I think you are the perfect example of a dhimmi who pimps for the islamist without any solicitation. You need to take it easy man.


  10. Regarding: Islamopleasist
    Well the word popped in my head when i was reflecting on the banal bla bla on TV/print
    regarding US and islam
    eg NYtimes stance on the pope’s ratzy’s statement.

    However I did do a google search and found that some one else has used it before me.

    Regarding My handle
    It has to do with a bad bollybhands imitating a stupid american movie, that i was once forced to pretend watching.
    Trust me I never thought GPRS had much potential except those 3 hours or so.


  11. unless hindus stop voting for the pseudo secularist and open their eyes to break the terrorist(Muslims)nexus india is headed for doom.


  12. The motive of GOI is quite apparent from the timing of blocking the site. It was done when the news of rape of an Amerthi girl by Rahul Gandhi was published. So let us not talk about hate or communal harmony or such ‘high faltun’ words to a clear desire to block this news. The way GOI and the left controlled Indian newspapers are going about it, it seems that the news of the rape is correct.


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