5 thoughts on “The False Bottom of the Pyramid — 2”

  1. This is good. Thanks for the references. The two links you provided not only add to the elaboration of the BOP them, but also reiterates my second comment over at the Indian Economy blog.

    I am still interested in a RISC vs BOP take, on or off line.



  2. It’s an excellent response. Karnani although isn’t saying it, is uneasy about Prahalad’s hypothesis. There is another big invisible assumption in Karnani’s paper. He seems to think that Prahalad’s method is yet another one of those ‘solutions’ in that endless quest for the mare’s nest of ‘development’. Prahalad is culturally very sure footed (he comes from a family which is deeply rooted in Sanskrit scholarship) and is not the one to trundle out those mechanistic Nehruvian solutions. Prahalad constituency is the firm and not the government.

    And Atanu, a suitcase with a false bottom carries a lot more than it seems to. Unintentionally good analogy.


  3. Well ANY Economically viable solution scales have to cater to the masses
    So Prahlad isnt first in pointing out there are other way to expand your market for shampoos, maxipads (sanitary napkins), underwear, toothbrush etc to another level that they may be missing particularly in india where multiple classes of markets exist in near parallel.
    So spare anyone the feelgoodism regarding extending BOP or exaggerating glories of computer assisted shared infrastructure service models, they both point at places where there wasnt a demand for certain services and hence not an attempt to provide such services.


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