Google Romance

Google Romance must be the hottest thing this April 1st. Too many people have emailed me about it. I thought it was rather lame compared to their other crackpot beta releases. (Do take their Google Romance Tour, though.)

Take for instance, Google Gulp with Auto-drink(TM) or their job 0penings at the Copernicus Center located on the moon. They explain the lunar location saying “by locating a research and technology center on the Moon, Google engineers will be able to experiment with an entirely different set of parameters. For example, imagine tapping unlimited solar energy to drive megawatt data centers and power innumerable arrays of massively parallel lava lamps, with ample no-cost cooling available to regulate the temperature of server farms sprawling over acres of land unblighted by sentient lifeforms or restrictive zoning ordinances.” This whole thing is pretty elaborate as you can see by following the links from one page to the next.

They like poking fun at themselves. See Pigeonrank, “the technology behind Google’s great results”.

For April Fools of 2000, they added MentalPlex(TM) where the instructions are

* Remove hat and glasses.
* Peer into MentalPlex circle. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD.
* Project mental image of what you want to find.
* Click or visualize clicking within the MentalPlex circle.

See the faq on MentalPlex for details.