Localized Windows

Saturday silliness follows. Apologies to those who don’t know Hindi.

Windows Commands in Hindi:

Khidkiyan version shoonya bindu shoonya ek (0.01)

Phile = File
Kholo = Open
Bandh Karo = Close
Naya = New
Khatara = Old
Bachao = Save
Aise Bachao = Save as
Paise Bachao = Save money
Bhaago = Run
Chaapo = Print
Dekh Ke Chaapo = Print Preview
Paise Deke Chokri Dekho = Pay Per View
Phirsay = Edit
Kaapi = Copy
Kaato = Cut
Kato = Stupid Houseguest
Chipkao = Paste
Payshul Chipkao = Paste Special
Goli Maaro = Delete
Nazaara = View
Bakwaas Nazaara = View From My Apartment
Hatyaar = Tools
Hatyaar Khamba = Toolbar
Uh Buh Kuh Duh Thik Thak = Spell Check
Isko Kya Kehte Hain = Thesaurus
Khuli Chaadar = Spreadsheet
Iska Bhi Naam Nahin Aaata = Database
Futaas Ki Goli Kha = Exit

Postscript: I got the above from the Usenet years ago; the credit goes to some anonymous creative person.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Localized Windows”

  1. My Hindi is not so hot, and most of them seem reasonable, but the bhachao just put a big smile on my face. It makes it sound like your files feel personally abandoned and let-down when you don’t save them before the computer crashes, relegating them to corruption and destruction.


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