It is morning in Africa

It is morning in Africa and
As the sun rises over the plains
The gazelle awakens knowing that
If it cannot outrun the fastest lion
It will be dead.
It is morning in Africa and
The lion awakens knowing that
If it cannot outrun the slowest gazelle
It will die.

It is morning in Africa and you had better start running.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “It is morning in Africa”

  1. hey, what the heck is the lions and gazzels doing in your site??
    I am astonished.. rather frightned.
    Tell me why is this poem or anything here on your site??


  2. Amit, I suppose it is poetic license that allows one to take liberties with logic. Quite logically, all that a gazelle has to do is see that it is not the slowest gazelle. The story of two guys in the woods with an angry bear chasing them. One guy says, “Why bother? We cannot outrun the bear.” The other guy says, “I just have to outrun you, not the bear.”


  3. Actaully, if you watch some Discovery, you’ll realise that the hunting lion ‘picks’ its gazelle from the herd and then goes for it. It does not just go for the herd and jump on the slowest one. So if a gazelle wants to see the next day come what may, it HAS to outrun the fastest lion (and hence all lions)!


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