Where it is folly to be wise …

Calvin: It’s true, Hobbes. Ignorance is bliss.

Once you know things, you start seeing problems everywhere…

And once you see problems, you feel like you ought to try to fix them…

And fixing problems always seems to require personal change…

And change means doing things that aren’t fun! I say phooey to that!

But if you are willfully stupid, you don’t know any better, so you
can keep doing whatever you like!

The secret of happiness is short-term, stupid self-interest!

Hobbes: We’re heading for that cliff!

Calvin: I don’t want to know about it.

[They go over a cliff and land in a heap at the bottom.]

Hobbes: I’m not sure I can stand so much bliss.

Calvin: Careful! We don’t want to learn anything from this.

from the incomparable comic strip
Calvin and Hobbes

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