You might be a third-world country if …

I have been writing this blog for a year. I have learnt a bit and I hope that it was not a waste a time for those who visit it occassionally. About 100 unique visitors show up every day on the average, and every day a few write in with comments or an email to me. Thank you all.

On reviewing the archives, I note a glaring omission. The blog needs some humor. Sure the topic is extremely serious. But one can definitely make a serious point with humor. So I want to add a bit of humor occassionally.

One of my favorite standup comics is Jeff Foxworthy of the “you might be a redneck” fame. You will find some examples of Jeff’s humor here. If you don’t know what a redneck is, you will have fun finding out. Here is a redneck writing to his son. Or check out some redneck photos. You will conclude being a redneck is as much a state of mind as anything physical.

Jeff is a redneck and is therefore qualified to poke fun at rednecks. Perhaps by poking fun at his own kind he is innoculating himself and also attempting to understand himself.

With a nod in his direction, I would like to start a series which I would call You might be a third-world country if …. I am from India, a third-world country. I attempt to innoculate myself against the complacency that is popularly expressed in slogans like mera bharat mahan and India is Shining.

If you get excited about how many times GW Bush called you “sir” within a minute and consider it newsworthy, you might be a third-world country.

One thought on “You might be a third-world country if …

  1. Ethan Sunday September 26, 2004 / 7:07 am

    If you appear in the newspaper in the “News of the Weird” section more often than in the “International” section, you might be a third world country.


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