The magic that is the internet

The internet is huge. It is bigger than one can imagine. We are fortunate that we have access to the internet. And I feel for those who do not have access to this astounding wealth of information and possible source of wonder, amazement, delight, instruction, and possibly enlightenment.

Take for instance a website such as number27. You can spend so much time getting informed and getting entertained at the same time. Check it out sometime. [Thanks to

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  1. Thanks for the trackback. As for the Indian policy makers, I have never been able to understand them!


  2. A computer (kiosk) in every village, or a simputer type device will bring down the cost of owner ship.


  3. why do u think broadband policy of the govt is lagging behind times ?


  4. Hi Atanu,
    Wonderful thoughts put in right words! yes, we have been able to exploit (in the right sense) the infinite potential of the web. and we would as well wish the same to be used by the masses. what can we do when we have bottlenecks in policies? The Broadband policy, a much awaited one, has not been unveiled until today when it should have been done at least an year back! it seems the DoT and Department of Space have concerns. What could these concerns be? when forward thinkers are demanding for delicensing of spectrum and streamlining of policies, why do the informations departments like DoT and Space oppose such moves? do they have vested interests or are they really interested in the ‘security’ of the country? whom should i ask these questions? shouldn’t such departments be outside the banal thinking curve and react with more future planning?


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