Wrong-headed policies condemn millions to misery

Continuing from where I left off the last time, I quote again Mr A B Bardhan:

I am against privatisation of the state electricity boards. I simply do not understand the merits of the decision of setting up state regulatory commissioners even as private distributors increase costs repeatedly. In a state like Delhi, for instance, can any private power distributor without an established work force be able to carry out electrification?

I am not sure what it is about Delhi that makes it so unique in the whole universe with regards to the generation and distribution of electric power. From what Mr Bardhan says one can only conjecture that there is something astonishingly unique about Delhi that it is not subject to the usual laws of the known universe. In the rest of the universe, the generation and distribution of electrical power can be, and has been, handled quite competently by the private sector. Perhaps it is the bit about “private distributors increase costs repeatedly”.
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