A Dummy Post to help out search engines__

The name of this blog is Deeshaa where there are two e’s and two a’s. The reason I point it out is that I notice that many people make the mistake of thinking it is “Deesha” and they end up either not finding this blog or not being able to reach me on email. The name ‘Deesha’ was already taken and therefore we spell deesha as Deeshaa.

This is a dummy post. This post will have the words Deesha Deeshaa Atanu Dey RISC Rajesh Jain Vinod Khosla Rural Development Population Planted Trees Suhit Anantula Vivek Padmanabhan Reuben Abraham Economics India Infrastructure Services Commons Policy Telecommunications Information Technology Communications ICT and other such words to help searchers get to this site.

All things must pass

Civilizations, like everything under the sun, have a life-cycle. They arise, they persist for a while, and then they inevitable decline and fall. Happened all the time in the past, and there is no reason to believe that it will cease to happen in the future — we are all Bayesians, after all. Continue reading “All things must pass”

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