Warning: Don’t install Firefox 3

I downloaded and installed Firefox 3 and instantly regretted it. I have been struggling for the last couple of hours to access my Google toolbar bookmarks and it is not working. I even attempted to roll back to Firefox 2 but now even FF 2 does not work.

Consider yourself warned. FF 3 sucks.

Pragati March 2008: The Gujarat Model

The latest issue is on the stands. Click on the image to download (pdf) the current issue of Pragati.

To get a preview of what’s in the issue, read the excerpts at the Pragati site.

Prof Asher’s article on the Gujarat model is a must-read. “Its focus on development, empowerment of individuals, and internal security benefits all communities and income groups, and therefore is inclusive in the correct meaning of the term.”

My take on LK Advani’s speech to FICCI recently (posted previously on this blog) is included in the Roundup section of this issue.

Jago (revisited)

In response to the post on Jago Party, Mr Denson Joseph, one of the founder members of the party, took the trouble to post a comment. This is a response to that comment.

I maintain that it is a always a good sign that people are seriously making an attempt at forming political parties. The marketplace, so to speak, has to expand. With some luck, the good ones will take root and flourish. But the creation of a good party is not just a matter of luck. It has to be the result of some deep thinking. Impassioned calls to “WORK TOGETHER & TAKE ACTION BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE” by “the literate noble thinkers, bloggers & critics” is a bit premature if the hard thinking has not been done.
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Pragati — Rejuvenating India

The Aug 2007 issue of “Pragati” — the publication of Indian National Interest is out. This special issue is called “Rejuvenating India” (pdf download 2.3MB).

I have two pieces in there. The first is a reprint of an op-ed piece for Mint which I had with Reuben Abraham. The second is a piece I titled “The Age of Profound Ignorance.” I try to make a case why India needs to liberalize its education sector.

I must say that Nitin Pai and the team have done a fine job. I am sure that the Indian policy establishment will find much of value in Pragati. Please feel free to pass it on to the movers and shakers within your circle.

BBC World

So last week a producer from BBC World called to say that they are doing a series on India for India’s 60th Independence Day and they would like to interview me. They did not have to twist my arm. I am always willing to express my opinion, as most of you know. Therefore those of you who missed me the last time I was on BBC World (June 2006 when they were doing a special on “China and India: Emerging Giants”), this is your chance once again.