David Boaz – An Introduction to Libertarian Thought

Paine taxesIt’s safe to say that every rational individual — one who is emotionally and intellectually competent — values freedom over enslavement by others. Then why do so many people choose “voluntary servitude”? Why don’t they struggle against their oppressors? What do they hope to gain by their voluntary submission? Why don’t they understand that most of the misery they suffer is because they lack freedom?

I believe that the problem stems from two factors. First, they have become accustomed to not being free. Born into servitude, they consider it to be as unalterable as a fact of nature. Having never experienced freedom they cannot imagine what it means to be free. Second, it is not easy to make the necessary connection between freedom and human flourishing. It does take a lot of intellectual effort to understand the analytical case why freedom is essential for prosperity, and that no individual can reach his potential if he lacks freedom. Continue reading “David Boaz – An Introduction to Libertarian Thought”

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